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Collaborative Art

In room 1, 4th and 5th class worked together on a collaborative art display. We each took a quarter of a circle shape and first sketched a design on it, then painted it, on our own. Each one of them on their own is quite small an interesting, but when we put them together, they certainly make a pretty picture. Just like us when we work together as a team!

Art in 4th Class

The children in 4th class have enjoyed exploring their creative sides through art over the past few weeks. We have used a variety of skills in creating our art.

We learned about the artist James Rizzi, an American artist who creates animated style pictures – full of colour, with a solid black outline. He’s also not a fan of rectangles! We created skyscrapers inspired by him using oil pastels.

We created autumnal prints – we collected fallen leaves from our school-yard. We began with black paper, white paint and some leaves. We printed the leaves onto the black paper. Then we used sponges to print some cool and warm colours around them.

We used our colour mixing skills to create a sunset background for our Halloween painted silhouettes. We sketched a design before drawing and painting it onto our A3 sunset backgrounds with black paint. Our theme was Impossibly Haunted Houses.

Finally we constructed witches. Using an egg carton, paint, some felt and wool we created our wicked witches.

Have a look at our art below:

Lines and Patterns in Room 1

Lines and Patterns Display

Last week we designed lines and patterns art with outlines of leaves and arms. We used a ruler to get the lines straight. We did  negative and positive patterns. Everyone’s art was different.

We used a pencil first to draw the patterns on the leaves, then we traced it with pen to make it stand out. We didn’t colour it because it  looked cool in black and white. Then we put most of them on our big notice board along with our hand art which is also black and white lines and patterns..

I liked the patterns with the straight lines. So now if you come in our class you will see them too!


4th Class Room 1 

Summer Camp 2017

36 children took part in our Pirate themed Summer Camp from August 21st to 25th right here in St. Edwards! We had loads of fun learning pirate jokes, making  masks, hats and treasure maps, animations on the iPads, not to mention a little orienteering and some treasure hunting! We took a trip to Sligo Library where Brenda taught us some “Pirate speak” before reading some stories, all of course on a pirate theme! On Friday, our parents came in to hear our camp song “That’s How I Became a pirate” and to have a look at some of the art and crafts we created. Come have a look in the hall this September to see them!  


December in Senior Infants

We have had a very busy December in Senior Infants! We completed our athletics sessions with Dermott and started yoga with Cathríona. We really love using our volcano breaths when we want to relax! We enjoyed our Christmas Aistear theme and created some lovely little plays with Christmas character puppets in our small world area. Our role play corner was transformed into Santa’s Workshop. We took phone orders, designed some toys on paper and them made them and wrapped them for sending out! We made and painted some Christmas tree decorations to hang up at home and some snowmen faces with recycled shredded paper. 

We had a special visitor in a red suit to our classroom and he gave us some yummy treats. He was very funny and he thought that Patrick G. was related to Honey G! He said that Mick, our elf, had been telling him some very good stories about our class. We were very excited when our families came to hear us sing on a stage in the hall. We sang some Christmas songs and said a Christmas poem. They clapped a lot and really liked our singing! On the last day of school, we got to wear our Christmas jumpers and hats and went to assembly in the hall. Lauren and Patrick O. got a selection box from Mrs. McGowan because they have had really good attendance this term. 

Happy Christmas from Senior Infants!





The Little Red Hen

In Junior Infants this week we have been learning to retell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. To help us with this we created a story map and we also made some puppets of the different story characters.  We can now retell the story to others using these fantastic puppets.

Today we also baked some bread to see all the work that The Little Red Hen had to do by herself in the story. We really enjoyed our baking and because we helped each other and worked together we made some delicious and healthy brown bread…Yum yum!!!

Our Healthy Brown Bread Recipe


300g Coarse Wholemeal Flour

150g Plain Flour

1tsp baking soda

1 egg

2tbsp of Freederm Fruit Syrup

A pinch of salt

350ml Buttermilk


  1. Put the wholemeal flour in a bowl and then sieve the plain flour and bread soda in on top.  2. Add a pinch of salt and the fruit syrup. 3. Beat the egg slightly in a cup. 4.  Then add it along with the buttermilk into a well in the middle of the flour mixture. 5. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a well greased baking tin. 6. Place in a preheated oven at 190 for around 35-40 minutes. 7. Allow to cool and serve with some delicious butter and summer fruit jam.


Arts Activities and Nature Trail in 3rd Class

Third class did some creative work in the Arts this month. First we listened to and described music in various styles and genres, including familiar excerpts. We enjoyed listening to Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg. We discussed mood, rhythm, tempo and how we felt when listening. Then we responded through art (clay sculptures of trolls). We made some trolls from the story. After we made the trolls some of the class made vases and other decorative objects like egg- cups.

Later in the month we worked with Fabric and Fibre. We all designed our own pictures and put them together using glue.

This month we also went on a nature and history trail. We visited the Famine Graveyard and learned about the impact of the famine in Sligo. We found out about the workhouse, emigration and the life of poor children in famine times. We also learned about how children got educated in hedge schools. We looked for native wild flowers on our nature trail and learned their names. See our pictures here.

Christmas Nativity Play by 3rd Class December 2015

Third class performed the annual nativity play shortly before the holidays. We sang some of the well known Christmas carols like Silent Night and Away in a Manger. We also sang Do You Hear What I Hear? and a lovely carol translated from the Polish language called Baby Jesus. Here are some pictures and a short video clip. The video was filmed from a distance by a 6th class child on one of our school ipads.


Halloween Art

We are all looking forward to Halloween in St. Edward’s. Here are some of our Halloween pictures. We hope you like them. This Friday should be a very exciting day in school!


Colour Mixing in 5th Class

5th Class have enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing. Beginning with the primary colours, red, yellow and blue the children created colour wheels. Secondary colours were created by mixing equal parts of two primary colours, for example green was made by mixing equal parts of yellow and blue. Tertiary colours were more difficult to make. The children had to use more of one colour combined with another to create the new colour (2:1 mixing primary and secondary).

Using their new colour mixing skills, the children painted images of peaches from observation, noting their shades of colours. Do you like our paintings?


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