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Fun and Games at the IT

On Tuesdays, we go over to the IT and the students there do some P.E. activities with us.

My class walked over to the IT.  When we got over to the IT there were coaches. We went to our section and the coaches told us their names.
Afterwards we all got split up into teams. I was with all my friends. I was really happy!

Me and my friend Kelsey were on a team together and the game was to get all the beanbags into your hoop. Whenever all the beanbags were gone from the middle, we had to steal each others.

Later we swapped sides and played Simon Says and I was so good at it! Afterwards we played handball and my team won. We were Team Green.

When we had to go we all said bye and thank you. I had the best time ever!
The End

Mia. Room 1

Well Done!!!

Junior Infants want to say a very big congratulations to Lauren who came 3rd in her community games race. Well done Lauren, we are very proud of you!


Gaelic Football Blitz in Kent Park

On Wednesday the 27th of April 3rd and 4th class went to a Gaelic football blitz in Kent Park.

There were four other schools at the blitz. When we arrived we were put into different teams with children from other schools.

We played matches against each other. We were able to practice the skills we had been learning with the Gaelic football coaches who came into our school.

We met new people, had good fun and really enjoyed the day!

World Cup Rugby Maths in 3rd Class

Athletics Fest at IT Sligo

Children from 4th,5th and 6th classes really enjoyed the relay races over on the IT Sligo track today. It was a lovely event organised by Sligo Sports Partnership to encourage children to take part in athletic events. Well done to the 24 children who represented St Edward’s.

Athletics in IT

The students in 5th and 6th class had the opportunity to go to Sligo IT last week .

They did jumping activities and javelin throwing .

Everyone really enjoyed it ……but our muscles were a little sore the following day !

Basketball skills with Anthony

We are very lucky in fourth class to have Anthony Flores as a basketball coach over the next few weeks .

He taught us how to dribble correctly .

We also had a match .

We are looking forward to the next session already .

Rounders Blitz

Well done to our rounders team who participated in a rounders blitz today in Collooney. Everybody really enjoyed themselves, despite the bitterly cold weather.

Rugby Blitz


On Wednesday 24th of October at 9.45 ST. Edwards Braves and ST. Edwards Lions rugby teams went over to the IT. The teams were made up of pupils from 5th and 6th. We were taking part in a rugby blitz with lots of other schools from Sligo to learn the rules of rugby.

When we arrived we had to register our teams and we were shown the pitches that we would be playing on. ST. Edwards Braves were playing on pitch 6 and St. Edwards Lions played on pitch 7. We played teams from Rosses Point, Curry and Culfadda.

During the games we learned the rules of tag rugby. We were shown how to defend our try line and how to score tries. We were also shown how to line up for a throw in at the side. It was a great day. We learned a lot and had good fun.

There is rugby training on Saturday mornings at 10am until 11.30 over in the IT. Anyone is welcome to join.

Cycling Workshop

Our bike shed full with our bikes

Getting Ready

Cycling Workshop
On Wednesday 3rd May, two cycling coaches from Sligo Youth Sport West came into our school. They taught us about cycling safety and showed us some cycling skills.

First of all the coaches checked all our bicycles. They looked at our tyres to make sure there was enough air in them and then our brakes to make sure we could stop safely.
After that they checked our helmets. The helmets needed to fit properly and they had to be secure on our heads.

After that we cycled around the school. Then the coaches showed us some cycling skills and we cycled around cones out on the school yard. As we got better and better the coaches made the spaces between the cones shorter, the shorter the distance the better control of the bike you need.

We really enjoyed our cycle workshop. We learned a lot about cycle safety and we enjoyed all the new cycling skills that we learned.

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