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Coding with Minecraft in Room 1

The Hour of Code is a global event which takes place each year, when millions of people across the world from ages 4 upwards get the chance to learn about computer science and coding in particular. Continue reading

Science Discovery in 4th Class

We were lucky in 4th class to welcome Abbvie into our class this week for some science discovery.

First we talked about ‘who is a scientist?’. Then some children had a chance to dress up as scientists. We spoke about why a scientist needs a coat and glasses – to protect themselves.

After that each group was given a mystery box. We weren’t allowed to touch it at first, we had to take a guess of what is was, what was inside of it and the materials it was made from.

Then we compared another box, of the same size, but with various materials inside it to try and identify what was in the mystery box. We compared the weight, sound and whether or not the contents inside could be magnetised. From that, we identified what was in our mystery box.


Discover Science and Maths Award 2017


St. Edwards has achieved the Discover Science & Maths Award for 2017.  This is the 14th year that we have achieved the award. Congratulations to all the children and staff for all their hard work in Science and Maths this year. Well done!

Growing Broad Beans from Seeds

We were learning about growing seeds in Senior Infants. We planted some broad bean seeds in some compost with a little water and left them in a sunny window. Using a time-lapse app on our iPad called OSnap, we recorded the seeds growing over 2 weeks. They were very slow to start but our patience paid off and we were very excited to see the roots, shoots and leaves appear!

Growing Broad Beans from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Engineers week in 4th class

During engineers week we took part in engineering challenges.

First we had to make a structure that could stand using marshmallows and raw spaghetti.

When we were able to do this we then discussed how we could make a taller structure. In groups we then had to make the tallest structure that we could.

Then we measured the structures to see which group made the tallest one.

We also did the paper bridge challenge.

We had to make the strongest bridge that we could using 2 books and a sheet of A4 paper.

We tested the strength of each bridge using coins.


Science in 6th Class

On Friday, 6th class conducted a science experiment using water, glasses and spoons. We measured the water in each glass and took 1/8th away each time. Then, we used a spoon to tap the glasses. We noticed that each glass made a different sound.


Junior Infants Science Fair

We were learning about primary colours in Junior Infants. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

When you mix 2 of these colours together they make new colours.


We put blue food colouring into a cup. We put red into another cup and yellow into a third cup.

When the colours mixed they made new colours.

Blue and red made purple.

Red and yellow made orange.


We showed our experiment to our parents in the hall.

Farm Animals On Our Schoolyard

Farm animals came to our school during Science Week.

There was a guinea pig called Chewbacca and a goat called Yoda. There were chickens, roosters and rabbits. We were able to hold all the animals and feed the goat.

It was great fun!


Our new Green Flag, Reading Certs and SALF Folders in 3rd.

In May our school won our 6th Green Flag – ‘Global Citizenship Litter and Waste’. A girl from 6th and a boy from 3rd who are on the Green School Committee got chosen to go to Claremorris to collect the flag. They had a great day out.

At the end of June our class had a presentation of reading certs which we won by doing library quizzes. We have enjoyed reading books in the library this year.

We worked on SALF folders during the year in 3rd class. SALF means – Self Assessment Learning Folder. During the year we put some of our best work into the folders to show to everyone. We had fun working in groups and looking at all the folders. We have pictures here of our class showing some lovely work which we are very proud of.

Arts Activities and Nature Trail in 3rd Class

Third class did some creative work in the Arts this month. First we listened to and described music in various styles and genres, including familiar excerpts. We enjoyed listening to Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg. We discussed mood, rhythm, tempo and how we felt when listening. Then we responded through art (clay sculptures of trolls). We made some trolls from the story. After we made the trolls some of the class made vases and other decorative objects like egg- cups.

Later in the month we worked with Fabric and Fibre. We all designed our own pictures and put them together using glue.

This month we also went on a nature and history trail. We visited the Famine Graveyard and learned about the impact of the famine in Sligo. We found out about the workhouse, emigration and the life of poor children in famine times. We also learned about how children got educated in hedge schools. We looked for native wild flowers on our nature trail and learned their names. See our pictures here.

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