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A look back at Science in 2015 in 3rd Class


Third class were also very lucky to have a visit from a group of Abbvie staff during science week. We were shown how to work as scientists. We carried out tests to identify materials. One lucky pupil got to dress up as a scientist. We learned a lot about the work of scientists.        

Maths Puzzle

 Chocolate Maths


We tried this in our class and it worked. See if it works for you!

First of all, pick the number of times a week that you eat chocolate. This number must be more than one but less than ten.

  1. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold).
  2. Add 5 (for Sunday).
  3. Multiply it by 50.
  4. Add 1750.
  5. Add the last two digits from the year you last had a birthday. So if your last birthday was in 2009, add 9, if the your last birthday was in 2011 then add 11.
  6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should now have a three digit number. The first digit will be your original number i.e. how many times you eat chocolate each week. The next two digits give your age.

Christmas Puzzle

With no school during the holidays keep your brain working by trying to find the answer to our Christmas puzzle. It was inspired by our Christmas art work in Junior Infants. Good Luck!!!


The Snowmen and Snowwomen are comparing their heights. Frosty, Snow White, Jack Frost and Snow Flake are lining up in order from shortest to tallest. Frosty is not the tallest or the shortest. Snow White is taller than Jack Frost and Snow Flake. Jack Frost is shorter than Frosty. Jack Frost is not the shortest. In what order are they standing?

March Maths Puzzle

It was Paul’s birthday and he went to the pet shop and bought a gold-fish. A very special gold-fish. The pet shop owner told him that the goldfish needed exactly one litre of water in the bowl.

No more – no less!


Now Paul has a problem as he can only find two containers at home, with measurements of them. One container holds 4 litres and the other hold 7 litres.

How can Paul use these two containers to put exactly 1 litre of water into the fish bowl for the very special gold-fish?


February Maths Puzzle



Tilly’s Transport Teaser

Tilly has a big problem. She needs to row her pet cat, Casper, her pet mouse, Marcy, and a year’s supply of cheese to the island where she lives.

However, she can only transport one thing at a time with her in the boat.

If she leaves Casper with Marcy, Casper will eat Marcy. If she leaves Marcy with the cheese, Marcy will eat the cheese. It doesn’t     matter which side of the water she leaves them—the result will be the same.


How can Tilly bring Casper, Marcy and the cheese to the island without any trouble?



How many squares can you make by joining the dots?

 How many squares can you create in this figure by connecting any four dots? Each dot can be used more than once.

Note:  The corners of the square must lie upon a grid dot.


A Number Puzzle

Circular Code

What number belongs in the blank slice below?

If you figure it out, write your answer on a piece of paper and give it to Mrs Mc Gowan or Ms Coyne before the 20th of October. Remember to include your name with your answer.

A Puzzle to Ponder

A woman went to a hardware store to buy something for her house.

She asked about the price.

The shop assistant was very helpful and told her that

1 cost 12 cent

48 cost 24 cent

144 cost 36 cent.

I wonder what did she want to buy.

Think about it. Ask your parents to think about it and maybe you will solve the puzzle before the end of September.

If you figure it out, write your answer on a piece of paper and give it to Mrs Mc Gowan or Ms Coyne before the 30th of September. Remember to include your name with your answer.


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