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Growing Broad Beans from Seeds

We were learning about growing seeds in Senior Infants. We planted some broad bean seeds in some compost with a little water and left them in a sunny window. Using a time-lapse app on our iPad called OSnap, we recorded the seeds growing over 2 weeks. They were very slow to start but our patience paid off and we were very excited to see the roots, shoots and leaves appear!

Growing Broad Beans from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Our new Green Flag, Reading Certs and SALF Folders in 3rd.

In May our school won our 6th Green Flag – ‘Global Citizenship Litter and Waste’. A girl from 6th and a boy from 3rd who are on the Green School Committee got chosen to go to Claremorris to collect the flag. They had a great day out.

At the end of June our class had a presentation of reading certs which we won by doing library quizzes. We have enjoyed reading books in the library this year.

We worked on SALF folders during the year in 3rd class. SALF means – Self Assessment Learning Folder. During the year we put some of our best work into the folders to show to everyone. We had fun working in groups and looking at all the folders. We have pictures here of our class showing some lovely work which we are very proud of.

Arts Activities and Nature Trail in 3rd Class

Third class did some creative work in the Arts this month. First we listened to and described music in various styles and genres, including familiar excerpts. We enjoyed listening to Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg. We discussed mood, rhythm, tempo and how we felt when listening. Then we responded through art (clay sculptures of trolls). We made some trolls from the story. After we made the trolls some of the class made vases and other decorative objects like egg- cups.

Later in the month we worked with Fabric and Fibre. We all designed our own pictures and put them together using glue.

This month we also went on a nature and history trail. We visited the Famine Graveyard and learned about the impact of the famine in Sligo. We found out about the workhouse, emigration and the life of poor children in famine times. We also learned about how children got educated in hedge schools. We looked for native wild flowers on our nature trail and learned their names. See our pictures here.

Making Magnetic Cars with Matchboxes and Magnets

Design and Make: Make a car with a matchbox and a magnet
Our Procedure to make a magnet car and move it with a larger magnet
Matchbox, 2 cocktail sticks, a straw, sellotape, a magnet small enough to fit in the box and a bigger one to push or pull the car, cardboard, coins for making circles, ruler for measuring and blue tack for covering the sharp points of the cocktail sticks.
1. First we estimated the width of the matchbox.
2. Then we got the ruler and measured the width. It was 3 ½ cm.
3. We measured 3 ½ cm on the straw and cut it.
4. We checked and it fitted exactly on the matchbox.
5. We used sellotape to attach the straw to the matchbox and then did this a second time.
6. We put 1 cocktail stick through each straw to make an axle that can go around.
7. We had to think about why we needed to put the cocktail stick inside a straw.
8. We know it is so that the cocktail stick will go around like an axle.
9. Next we drew around the €1 coin and cut it out.
10. Then we drew a line through the middle. We found out that this was called the diameter.
11. We drew another line through the middle and where they met was the centre point.
12. The teacher made a hole with a needle at that point for the cocktail stick. We did this 3 more times to make the rest of the wheels.
13. We attached the wheels to the cocktail sticks and covered the sharp points with blue-tack.
14. Last of all we put a small magnet in the car.
15. Now the car is ready and we can decorate it or add a cover to it.
16. We used a big magnet to make the car move. We can use the opposite poles to pull the car or we can push the car if we put like poles together.
We had great fun testing our cars and trying to race them!

Green School Day of Action

Recently we had our ‘Day of Action’ for the new Green School Flag we are working towards – Global Citizenship Litter and Waste.
Different classes worked on a different aspect of the theme and did a presentation to the whole school on that particular topic. Children got to use our school microphone for the presentation.
See pictures of our wall-boards and presentations here.


Green Schools Water Poster Competition

Children from classes 1st to 6th were invited to enter the Irish Water Poster Competition in February. They had to design an A3 poster which best illustrated the theme – ‘Be Water Smart’. Those who took part had to design the poster in their own time. We received some wonderful entries and a selection from each age group have been sent away to the national competition in Dublin. Here are some of the school entries.

Those shortlisted by the Green School Committee to be sent away can be seen above. They were:
1st class – Shannon Clancy and Daria Salman.
2nd Class – Teyanna Crowley, Lauren Shannon and Marcus Beganovic.
3rd Class – Saoirse Love, Josh Mooney, Tommy Irwin, Mikey McArdle and Jakaria Nasir
6th Class – Megan Sleator, Jamie Cawley, Thomas Stokes and Usman Naveed.
Thanks to all those who took part and we hope that some of you will be lucky in the National Competition.

A look back at Science in 2015 in 3rd Class


Third class were also very lucky to have a visit from a group of Abbvie staff during science week. We were shown how to work as scientists. We carried out tests to identify materials. One lucky pupil got to dress up as a scientist. We learned a lot about the work of scientists.        

Something Fishy and Tidy Towns projects.

The children of 4th class in St. Edward’s NS have taken part in the ‘Something Fishy’ project this year. As part of the project, which also tied in with Sligo Tidy Towns, we made a beautiful mural which you can see on the front wall of the school. We learned about fish life, water quality and the importance of keeping our rivers pollution free.You can see parts 1 and 2 of the video of our project below:

Something fishy part 1 from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Something fishy part 2 from St. Edward's NS on Vimeo.

Shadow Puppets

Did you know that a shadow is made when an object which doesn’t let light shine through it gets in the way of the light ?!

We make our own shadow puppet theatres in fourth class and did a puppet show based on the story of the Billy Goats Gruff .

It involved lots of careful cutting,sticking and remembering the story but all the hard work was worth it.

It was great fun !

Games Without Frontiers


‘Games Without Frontiers’ present a giant interactive outdoor exhibition.

The ‘Games Without Frontiers’ Public Art Project will present a giant interactive outdoor exhibition on Saturday the 29th of October in Doorly Park. Funded by the Per Cent for Art Scheme and initiated by Sligo County Council Arts Service, the project was conceived to get children living in the city to creatively explore and use their outdoor spaces.

Led by a team of artists, ‘Games Without Frontiers’ took place in venues across Sligo Town during the autumn, where the children invented games, built sculptures, made films, created songs and generally messed about – in a creative kinda way.

The venues which included the MCR Community Centre, The Northside Community Centre and Caltragh Community Centre were paired with Doorly Park, Ballytivnan Park and Mitchell Curley Park respectively. Anyone out walking may have seen such unusual sights as floating sculptures in the Garavogue, or an art making machine made from an exercise bike, or giant free standing wooden sculptures created in Ballytivnan Park.

The artworks, games and videos created will be showcased in Doorly Park from 3.30pm until 5.30pm on Saturday the 29th October. Come along and join the fun. For a sneak peek at some of the artwork check out www.sligoplayspaces.blogspot.com.



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