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Sizzling Hot Sports Day!

On the hottest day of the year so far, we held our sports day! There were no rain jackets or ducking in and out between showers or warm jumpers for the cold. Just buckets of sunscreen and water, shorts and t-shirts, games, fun and happy people!

Exploration of Play

This year Junior Infants have taken part in a study around exploring children’s play. As part of this study we go to the IT to experiment with  and explore lots of different types of equipment and play resources. The children absolutely love going over for this time and they have gained so many different skills from it. It has been fantastic for developing their gross motor skills but it has also taught them how to play with each other, work together and use their imaginations. We hope to share a much deeper insight into the study with parents and staff when the study concludes but for now here is a sneaky peek at some of the fun activities we have been involved in…

January in Senior Infants

We are very happy to be back in school after our Christmas holidays. We have a new student teacher Ms. McCullagh to help us learn. We are learning about clothes and also about weather. We are also learning all about the number 8 and are using gooey bags to help us practice our letters and numbers!

Christmas Nativity Play by 3rd Class December 2015

Third class performed the annual nativity play shortly before the holidays. We sang some of the well known Christmas carols like Silent Night and Away in a Manger. We also sang Do You Hear What I Hear? and a lovely carol translated from the Polish language called Baby Jesus. Here are some pictures and a short video clip. The video was filmed from a distance by a 6th class child on one of our school ipads.


Putting the “Play” back in “Playground”!

As part of our aim to be a Health Promoting School, we have been looking at how children spend their break time on yard. After much consultation and debate within classrooms, each class got to choose some outdoor equipment to play with on the yard at break times.Senior Infants got their hands on their new equipment on Friday and we had a trial run with some really fun equipment!

Play Time in Senior Infants

We are having a lot of fun learning through play this week in room 7. We are working as scientists to find out what materials soak up water in the wet area. We have a supermarket in our role play corner. In the construction area, we are using blocks to make patterns and buildings. We love using our new Build A Picture kit to make pictures using coloured bricks.

Shannon said she likes building a picture with the bricks because she likes building.

Basia loves playing with water. She likes it when her hands get wet!

Anthony loves to buy things in the supermarket. He is using the coins to pay for things.

Mikey likes being the shopkeeper and taking turns.

School Concert 2011

Click on an image below to enlarge. 

Ag Súgradh Le Chéile


Don't drop the ball!

Some parents and children from 3rd and 4th class took part in an Active Play Workshop in St. Edward’s school on Wednesday 26th January. The workshop encourages children to play more actively and gives parents some great ideas on how to promote this. In this way parents can encourage their children to enjoy a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. Both parents and children enjoyed themselves and thanks to Esther Mooney who lead the workshop.

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