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Fun and Games at the IT

On Tuesdays, we go over to the IT and the students there do some P.E. activities with us.

My class walked over to the IT.  When we got over to the IT there were coaches. We went to our section and the coaches told us their names.
Afterwards we all got split up into teams. I was with all my friends. I was really happy!

Me and my friend Kelsey were on a team together and the game was to get all the beanbags into your hoop. Whenever all the beanbags were gone from the middle, we had to steal each others.

Later we swapped sides and played Simon Says and I was so good at it! Afterwards we played handball and my team won. We were Team Green.

When we had to go we all said bye and thank you. I had the best time ever!
The End

Mia. Room 1

Yoga in Junior Infants

We are learning yoga in our class.

We are learning about different ways of breathing. Our tummy gets bigger and smaller as we breathe in and out.

We listen to the music and we move with it. We pretended we were  going on holidays and we learned how to do different moves like  the boat, the aeroplane and balance on a surfboard.

Today we stood like a Christmas tree and everyone held hands in a circle. We all had to balance. It is a lot of fun.

Exploration of Play

This year Junior Infants have taken part in a study around exploring children’s play. As part of this study we go to the IT to experiment with  and explore lots of different types of equipment and play resources. The children absolutely love going over for this time and they have gained so many different skills from it. It has been fantastic for developing their gross motor skills but it has also taught them how to play with each other, work together and use their imaginations. We hope to share a much deeper insight into the study with parents and staff when the study concludes but for now here is a sneaky peek at some of the fun activities we have been involved in…

Fun and Games in the IT

We are going to the IT for fun and games. Today we practised how to do the long jump. We also played foxes and rabbits and lots of other great games.

Active Schools Week in Senior Infants

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