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Fáilte Festival 2016

Literacy Games for Junior Infants

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays Junior Infants have been working very hard on both their letter sounds and their sight words.

Here are some fantastic games I found online which perhaps the children could spend some time playing and learning during their computer or ipad time?


Word Blend Game – Beginning and end sounds



The Quiet Machine – A game which asks children to identify the sound at the beginning of a word



Rhyming Rockets – a game where children have to shoot the rockets which rhyme with their target word.



Mole Rhyming Game – The children have to help Mole to dig his tunnel by helping him identify the rhyming words



Reggie Rhyming – The children have to help Reggie find the rhyming words. This is also a fantastic vocabulary building game for different settings.


Christmas Nativity Play by 3rd Class December 2015

Third class performed the annual nativity play shortly before the holidays. We sang some of the well known Christmas carols like Silent Night and Away in a Manger. We also sang Do You Hear What I Hear? and a lovely carol translated from the Polish language called Baby Jesus. Here are some pictures and a short video clip. The video was filmed from a distance by a 6th class child on one of our school ipads.


Remembering 1916

We had a wonderful day on Tuesday when members of Defence Forces visited us in St. Edward’s to present us with our Irish Flag and a copy of The Proclamation. All three members are past pupils of St. Edward’s N.S!

First of all Sgt Brian Callaghan told us a little bit about the Centenary of the 1916 Rising and about the history of the flag. He explained that the white colour in between the orange and green stands for peace between Unionists and Nationalists. The Irish Army are renowned all over the world for their peace keeping activities in places where there is conflict.

When soldiers serve overseas they get a medal to put on their uniform. Brian has six medals and Helmut has eleven medals. Seamie has served overseas once already.

He also explained what each of the badges  meant on their uniforms. The badges show what  rank you have in the army and what division you serve in. They all had a badge that showed the symbol of the Blacklion protecting Barnesmore Gap in Donegal which means  they are in Finner Camp which is the home of the 28th Infantry Battalion.

Helmut Callaghan told us a very funny story which he said happened when he was stationed in Eritrea in Africa! Imagine coming face to face with a crocodile.

Then it was time to receive The Proclamation and the flag. We will raise the flag in March 2016 as part of the countrywide commemorations of The Rising. Nicole and Corey received these important items on behalf of the school as they had written excellent letters to Mrs McGowan telling her all about their connections with the army and the history of their family trees.

Our sixth class read The Proclamation for those present:

Reading The Proclamation from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

And then everybody at the assembly stood and sang Amhrán na bhFiann proudly! They were accompanied by Máire Hunt on the guitar and Caleum and Kian on drums and Kamil on the recorder.

Our National Anthem- Amhrán na bhFiann from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

What a proud day!

Making Biscuits

Senior Infants baked some biscuits last week for their parents to eat!

We learned the names of the ingredients we needed and then we helped to pour, mix, whisk, kneed (teacher did this part!) cut and bake our biscuit mixture. Our parents came in the next morning and had some biscuits with a cup of coffee while they talked to teacher and Ms Hunt about our plans for this term in school.

And eating!!!

And eating!!!

Science Display

On Wednesday 12th of November the children in St. Edwards held a science display in the school hall.

Parents and family members were invited to see some of the science activities children from Junior Infants to 6th class have been doing since September.

There were rocket balloon races, dancing raisins,  squeezey bottles, magnet games and sound experiments using hangers. Also there was a demonstration of how simple machines and simple circuits work and a floating and sinking experiment.

There was a great buzz in the school hall for the afternoon as families enjoyed trying out the different experiments.

A fun afternoon was enjoyed by all with some parents becoming quite competitive!

Abbott Family Science Fair

On Monday evening 10th of November our local Abbott here in Ballytivnan hosted a family science fair in our school.

Volunteers from Abbott provided opportunities for children and their families to carry out different experiments.

They had great fun trying all the different activities. It was a great evening that everyone enjoyed!


Visit to Northside

Yesterday, 3rd class visited the old St Edwards NS, otherwise known as ‘The Northside’.
We enjoyed seeing the model of the area in 1896 and the old classroom. We visited the old fort where Forthill gets it’s name from, and we had a look at the Men’s garden.
We would like to say thank you to Johnny Stanford and John Joe Rooney for all their lovely stories about the history of the area and the old fort.

Fáilte Festival 2013

On Sunday 9th June, the children, parents, teachers and friends of St Edward’s National School hosted their annual fundraiser, the ‘Fáilte Festival’.
We were blessed with such a fine day. We all set off on our sponsored walk at 3 o’clock and returned to the school at about 4, where staff of the Clarion Hotel had a fantastic barbecue waiting for the hungry walkers.
We also had face painting, a disco, children’s work on display, a photo competition and novelty races.
Thank you very much to everyone who helped and especially, the Home School Association.
A great day was had by all.

Maths Week in St. Edward’s

During maths week children from 3rd class to 6th class took part in a maths puzzle and games day in the school library. Parents were also invited to take part in the fun. They played snakes and ladders, draughts, chess, darts, rings and solved puzzles with numbers, pictures and shapes. They also played the lotto and had a bet on a race!

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