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Science in Room 1

Have a look our Wiggle Bot project that we worked on back in term 1!

Coding with Minecraft in Room 1

The Hour of Code is a global event which takes place each year, when millions of people across the world from ages 4 upwards get the chance to learn about computer science and coding in particular. Continue reading

Movie Makers After School Club

We created this short animation in our after school club. First we had to brainstorm some characters, then we created a storyboard of the story. Next we had to draw and cut out the characters and finally we got to shoot the animation. We recorded the voiceover afterwards. We are very proud of our story!


The Sock Wizard and The Troll from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Our Active Week eBook

Growing Broad Beans from Seeds

We were learning about growing seeds in Senior Infants. We planted some broad bean seeds in some compost with a little water and left them in a sunny window. Using a time-lapse app on our iPad called OSnap, we recorded the seeds growing over 2 weeks. They were very slow to start but our patience paid off and we were very excited to see the roots, shoots and leaves appear!

Growing Broad Beans from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Green School Day of Action

Recently we had our ‘Day of Action’ for the new Green School Flag we are working towards – Global Citizenship Litter and Waste.
Different classes worked on a different aspect of the theme and did a presentation to the whole school on that particular topic. Children got to use our school microphone for the presentation.
See pictures of our wall-boards and presentations here.


Literacy Games for Junior Infants

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays Junior Infants have been working very hard on both their letter sounds and their sight words.

Here are some fantastic games I found online which perhaps the children could spend some time playing and learning during their computer or ipad time?


Word Blend Game – Beginning and end sounds



The Quiet Machine – A game which asks children to identify the sound at the beginning of a word



Rhyming Rockets – a game where children have to shoot the rockets which rhyme with their target word.



Mole Rhyming Game – The children have to help Mole to dig his tunnel by helping him identify the rhyming words



Reggie Rhyming – The children have to help Reggie find the rhyming words. This is also a fantastic vocabulary building game for different settings.


Hour of Code

Students in our school, from 2nd to 6th class took part in an Hour of Code recently. This is an international event during which children (and adults!) spend an hour taking part in activities which introduce the basics of computer coding. Code is the language that computer scientists write to make machines work. Students created programmes using themes such as Star Trek, Minecraft and even Frozen!

2nd class really enjoyed using the Star Wars lesson activity and you can too by following this link:

Star Wars Hour of Code

2nd class also enjoyed taking part in the Hour of Code. Here are some of the things they said about it:

“Coding is really cool and good fun” Rachel

“The coding is really like maths. If you count the spaces you need to move BB8 and R2D2 it’s really easy” Matthew

“The sound effects are really cool. I like being in control of the droids” Teyanna

“Once you know left, right, up, down, the games are easy” Joshua

“When you got to level 15 in Star Wars it was more fun. You didn’t have to follow any rules, you made your own” Kelsey

“The instructions were really clear in all levels” Chelsea

Summer Butterflies

We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly in Senior Infants. We made some butterflies to hang on the courtyard windows. The light shines through the different colours on their wings.

If you want to find out more about butterflies, use a QR reader on your smartphone or tablet on the QR codes which are in the display. This will bring you to some recordings that the senior infants have made, and also to some interesting websites about butterflies.

A QR code looks like this:

Gary Mikey

You can download a QR reader for free from the app store or Google Play. We like to use the i-nigma app for reading QR codes on our iPad. It looks like this:

File 13-05-2015 23 12 59


Lunchtime Club

Here are the links to the Studyladder website we will be using in the Lunchtime Club for the next 4 weeks for those who have signed up. Select your class link below and then find your avatar. Have fun!

3rd Class logins

4th Class logins


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