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Arts Activities and Nature Trail in 3rd Class

Third class did some creative work in the Arts this month. First we listened to and described music in various styles and genres, including familiar excerpts. We enjoyed listening to Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg. We discussed mood, rhythm, tempo and how we felt when listening. Then we responded through art (clay sculptures of trolls). We made some trolls from the story. After we made the trolls some of the class made vases and other decorative objects like egg- cups.

Later in the month we worked with Fabric and Fibre. We all designed our own pictures and put them together using glue.

This month we also went on a nature and history trail. We visited the Famine Graveyard and learned about the impact of the famine in Sligo. We found out about the workhouse, emigration and the life of poor children in famine times. We also learned about how children got educated in hedge schools. We looked for native wild flowers on our nature trail and learned their names. See our pictures here.

Hazelwood Trip

As part of the research study the Junior Infants have been taking part in around exploitative play, we went on a trip to Hazelwood. We had a fantastic time learning about all the different trees and flowers. We met the wooden giant who had lots to treasures for us and even had a delicious bun ready for us at the end of our adventure. Junior Infants would like to say a big thank you to the IT students who kindly came along and helped us on our trip and to Trish for organising the trip for us.


Green School Day of Action

Recently we had our ‘Day of Action’ for the new Green School Flag we are working towards – Global Citizenship Litter and Waste.
Different classes worked on a different aspect of the theme and did a presentation to the whole school on that particular topic. Children got to use our school microphone for the presentation.
See pictures of our wall-boards and presentations here.


TY Ursuline Students Visit 5th Class

We had four girls who are students of the transition year program from the Ursuline College visit our class this week. They came to tell us and show us their board game they created called ‘Sligo Road Race’. They made this board game as part of their Mini Company – a project students take part in, in transition year, where you get a chance to set up a company and sell a product with your friends.

The game is similar to snakes and ladders, but you must answer trivia questions about different areas and famous things in Sligo in order to move on a space. Questions could be about Benbulben, Knocknarea, Mullaghmore, the Garavogue, Strandhill and many others.

We think this is a fun, challenging game that would be suited to senior classes. It could make learning about the Geography and History of our local area fun.


This week we have been learning all about the different types of homes. We have been looking at the different types of homes that people live in and the different types of homes that animals live in. Today we made our own homes out of lego with our partner. Have a look at the fantastic homes we built…

Our Visit to Abbott Factory

                                         Our Trip to Abbotts

Today we went on a trip to Abbotts .First we went to the reception and a man called Dominic took us to a room and showed us a power point about Abbotts .

 Then when he was finished a lady took us to a room called the clean room .In the clean room we put on a hair net, a jump suit and goggles .Next we washed our hands well and dried them .Then we went on a tour of the factory.

We saw lots of machines, robots and workers .As  we went to a different part of the factory we had to put on earplugs because there was louder machines in there .

When the tour was finished we went back to the clean room and took the hairnets, jumpsuits, goggles and earplugs off .We were allowed to bring them home with us .

We really enjoyed our visit .

By Dominik Jedrol

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