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Summer Camp 2017

36 children took part in our Pirate themed Summer Camp from August 21st to 25th right here in St. Edwards! We had loads of fun learning pirate jokes, making  masks, hats and treasure maps, animations on the iPads, not to mention a little orienteering and some treasure hunting! We took a trip to Sligo Library where Brenda taught us some “Pirate speak” before reading some stories, all of course on a pirate theme! On Friday, our parents came in to hear our camp song “That’s How I Became a pirate” and to have a look at some of the art and crafts we created. Come have a look in the hall this September to see them!  


Making Magnetic Cars with Matchboxes and Magnets

Design and Make: Make a car with a matchbox and a magnet
Our Procedure to make a magnet car and move it with a larger magnet
Matchbox, 2 cocktail sticks, a straw, sellotape, a magnet small enough to fit in the box and a bigger one to push or pull the car, cardboard, coins for making circles, ruler for measuring and blue tack for covering the sharp points of the cocktail sticks.
1. First we estimated the width of the matchbox.
2. Then we got the ruler and measured the width. It was 3 ½ cm.
3. We measured 3 ½ cm on the straw and cut it.
4. We checked and it fitted exactly on the matchbox.
5. We used sellotape to attach the straw to the matchbox and then did this a second time.
6. We put 1 cocktail stick through each straw to make an axle that can go around.
7. We had to think about why we needed to put the cocktail stick inside a straw.
8. We know it is so that the cocktail stick will go around like an axle.
9. Next we drew around the €1 coin and cut it out.
10. Then we drew a line through the middle. We found out that this was called the diameter.
11. We drew another line through the middle and where they met was the centre point.
12. The teacher made a hole with a needle at that point for the cocktail stick. We did this 3 more times to make the rest of the wheels.
13. We attached the wheels to the cocktail sticks and covered the sharp points with blue-tack.
14. Last of all we put a small magnet in the car.
15. Now the car is ready and we can decorate it or add a cover to it.
16. We used a big magnet to make the car move. We can use the opposite poles to pull the car or we can push the car if we put like poles together.
We had great fun testing our cars and trying to race them!

Literacy Games for Junior Infants

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays Junior Infants have been working very hard on both their letter sounds and their sight words.

Here are some fantastic games I found online which perhaps the children could spend some time playing and learning during their computer or ipad time?


Word Blend Game – Beginning and end sounds



The Quiet Machine – A game which asks children to identify the sound at the beginning of a word



Rhyming Rockets – a game where children have to shoot the rockets which rhyme with their target word.



Mole Rhyming Game – The children have to help Mole to dig his tunnel by helping him identify the rhyming words



Reggie Rhyming – The children have to help Reggie find the rhyming words. This is also a fantastic vocabulary building game for different settings.


Sport For Life


Well done to all the children in 3rd class who took part in the 12 week long programme called ‘Sport for Life’. The Sport for LIFE programme aims to increase participation and knowledge among 8-9 year old children. A big thank you to Sligo IT student Gary Costello who gave the course every week.

Click here to find out more

Here are 6 top tips to help live a healthy lifestyle

  • A beautiful breakfast every day helps boost your body all the way.
  • A balanced plate with me sized portions makes you feel great.
  • Water: one glass won’t last but five or six is the perfect mix.
  • Be physically active for 60 minutes every day, remember, you can run, jump, skip and play.
  • Do activities that get your heart pumping like skipping, dancing, running and jumping.
  • Exercising makes your muscles grow stronger and this will allow you to be active for longer.

Maths Week in St. Edward’s

During maths week children from 3rd class to 6th class took part in a maths puzzle and games day in the school library. Parents were also invited to take part in the fun. They played snakes and ladders, draughts, chess, darts, rings and solved puzzles with numbers, pictures and shapes. They also played the lotto and had a bet on a race!

Games Without Frontiers


‘Games Without Frontiers’ present a giant interactive outdoor exhibition.

The ‘Games Without Frontiers’ Public Art Project will present a giant interactive outdoor exhibition on Saturday the 29th of October in Doorly Park. Funded by the Per Cent for Art Scheme and initiated by Sligo County Council Arts Service, the project was conceived to get children living in the city to creatively explore and use their outdoor spaces.

Led by a team of artists, ‘Games Without Frontiers’ took place in venues across Sligo Town during the autumn, where the children invented games, built sculptures, made films, created songs and generally messed about – in a creative kinda way.

The venues which included the MCR Community Centre, The Northside Community Centre and Caltragh Community Centre were paired with Doorly Park, Ballytivnan Park and Mitchell Curley Park respectively. Anyone out walking may have seen such unusual sights as floating sculptures in the Garavogue, or an art making machine made from an exercise bike, or giant free standing wooden sculptures created in Ballytivnan Park.

The artworks, games and videos created will be showcased in Doorly Park from 3.30pm until 5.30pm on Saturday the 29th October. Come along and join the fun. For a sneak peek at some of the artwork check out www.sligoplayspaces.blogspot.com.



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