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Guided Reading in 4th Class

This term in 4th class we have been focusing on reading and improving our comprehension skills. We have enjoyed partaking in guided reading sessions twice a week every week with our teacher Ms. Walsh, Gráinne and Ms. Lennon.

We had the chance to read both fiction and non-fiction books. We revised many comprehension strategies while reading such as making predictions, questioning, recalling information, summarising information and comparing & contrasting the books with other books we have read or movies we have seen.

We also enjoyed working & reading independently at times during the guided reading sessions.

Oral Language Presentations

The children in room 4 have been very busy over the last few weeks. We have been working on our oral language skills and made our second presentations of the year this week. This time we had to speak at the top of our class infront of everybody. We had to speak for 45seconds about something based on the theme of winter. Some presentations included children speaking about Why they love Christmas, Winter time animals, Trying to catch Santa & Christmas in the country I come from. We had to remember to use good presentation skills – having good eye contact with our audience, standing still and speaking loud and clear. We also enjoyed giving each other two stars & a wish after the presentations were made. After Christmas we will be working towards speaking for one minute or more!!

Dean speaking about ‘Winter’

Teyanna speaking about ‘Counting down to Christmas’

Arnas speaking about ‘Winter in Lithuania’

Our new Green Flag, Reading Certs and SALF Folders in 3rd.

In May our school won our 6th Green Flag – ‘Global Citizenship Litter and Waste’. A girl from 6th and a boy from 3rd who are on the Green School Committee got chosen to go to Claremorris to collect the flag. They had a great day out.

At the end of June our class had a presentation of reading certs which we won by doing library quizzes. We have enjoyed reading books in the library this year.

We worked on SALF folders during the year in 3rd class. SALF means – Self Assessment Learning Folder. During the year we put some of our best work into the folders to show to everyone. We had fun working in groups and looking at all the folders. We have pictures here of our class showing some lovely work which we are very proud of.

3rd and 4th Class Reports

This term third and fourth class have been learning how to write reports.

Third class have written reports about endangered animals such as the Jaguar and the  African Wild Dog and fourth class have written reports about garden birds such as the Goldcrest and the Robin.

Here is an example of a report written by a fourth class student.

The Robin

The Robin is a local garden bird and it lives in Ireland and UK.


The Robin has a bright orange-red breast, a white belly with olive brown upper parts. It is about 13-14 cm, its wing span is 20-22cm and its weight is 16-22 g. The juvenile Robin has speckled buff brown upper parts. They have no red feathers so that adult birds do not attack them in territorial disputes. The speckled feathers are lost in a partial moult when the bird is about two or three months old.


The Robin lives in a concealed place for example, high up in the trees where nobody will see its nest. The Robin is very protective of its nest and will not let any other robin take over the nest.


The Robin normally eats worms and small insects.




We were reading a book called Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. There were a lot of dark words. It was a very surprising story because you really did not know what was going to happen next. We did not know how it was going to end but then we got a really big surprise. But you’re going to have to read it to find out what happens!!! This is a word cloud of all the dark words we found.

If you want to make your own word cloud click here: www.wordle.net

Emily, Oisin, Rvail

Dark Words Wordle

Our Dark Words Wordle

Grandparents Day-February 2nd

In fifth class we created some acrostic poems about our grandparents. Here are just two of them:


N ever angry

A lways nice to me

 N ever stops spoiling me

N ever down in the dumps

Y es you are the best

Byron room 10


G reat at persuading people

R espectful to others

A great soldier

N ever gave up on anything

D id  what ever he could to help

A mazing

ogs were his favourite possession

Cameron Room 10


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