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World Book Day in St. Edward’s

International World Book Day was March 1st this year. Unfortunately, our school was closed that day due to a certain “Beast from the East”! Fortunately, we got to hold our postponed assembly a week later. Children dressed up as their favourite characters from books, even some of the staff were dressed up! 4th and 5th class from room 1 presented the assembly and introduced each class. 


Collaborative Art

In room 1, 4th and 5th class worked together on a collaborative art display. We each took a quarter of a circle shape and first sketched a design on it, then painted it, on our own. Each one of them on their own is quite small an interesting, but when we put them together, they certainly make a pretty picture. Just like us when we work together as a team!

Halloween Fun & Games

3rd & 4th class came together to enjoy some Halloween fun & games today. Here are some of the games we played:


3rd Class Halloween Style

Guess who??!

Bobbing for Apples

Trying to catch an apple on a string

Bobbing for some money

Halloween musical statues

Slice the flower without knocking the grape


Bobbing for sweets & coins

Happy Halloween!

Well done to all the boys and girls who came to school dressed up for Halloween today.

Be careful, there are many scary creatures about!!

Hope you have a lovely mid-term break, Happy Halloween!

4th Class Halloween Style

4th Class Halloween Style

Art in 4th Class

The children in 4th class have enjoyed exploring their creative sides through art over the past few weeks. We have used a variety of skills in creating our art.

We learned about the artist James Rizzi, an American artist who creates animated style pictures – full of colour, with a solid black outline. He’s also not a fan of rectangles! We created skyscrapers inspired by him using oil pastels.

We created autumnal prints – we collected fallen leaves from our school-yard. We began with black paper, white paint and some leaves. We printed the leaves onto the black paper. Then we used sponges to print some cool and warm colours around them.

We used our colour mixing skills to create a sunset background for our Halloween painted silhouettes. We sketched a design before drawing and painting it onto our A3 sunset backgrounds with black paint. Our theme was Impossibly Haunted Houses.

Finally we constructed witches. Using an egg carton, paint, some felt and wool we created our wicked witches.

Have a look at our art below:

Lines and Patterns in Room 1

Lines and Patterns Display

Last week we designed lines and patterns art with outlines of leaves and arms. We used a ruler to get the lines straight. We did  negative and positive patterns. Everyone’s art was different.

We used a pencil first to draw the patterns on the leaves, then we traced it with pen to make it stand out. We didn’t colour it because it  looked cool in black and white. Then we put most of them on our big notice board along with our hand art which is also black and white lines and patterns..

I liked the patterns with the straight lines. So now if you come in our class you will see them too!


4th Class Room 1 

Summer Camp 2017

36 children took part in our Pirate themed Summer Camp from August 21st to 25th right here in St. Edwards! We had loads of fun learning pirate jokes, making  masks, hats and treasure maps, animations on the iPads, not to mention a little orienteering and some treasure hunting! We took a trip to Sligo Library where Brenda taught us some “Pirate speak” before reading some stories, all of course on a pirate theme! On Friday, our parents came in to hear our camp song “That’s How I Became a pirate” and to have a look at some of the art and crafts we created. Come have a look in the hall this September to see them!  


Movie Makers After School Club

We created this short animation in our after school club. First we had to brainstorm some characters, then we created a storyboard of the story. Next we had to draw and cut out the characters and finally we got to shoot the animation. We recorded the voiceover afterwards. We are very proud of our story!


The Sock Wizard and The Troll from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Our Active Week eBook

Growing Broad Beans from Seeds

We were learning about growing seeds in Senior Infants. We planted some broad bean seeds in some compost with a little water and left them in a sunny window. Using a time-lapse app on our iPad called OSnap, we recorded the seeds growing over 2 weeks. They were very slow to start but our patience paid off and we were very excited to see the roots, shoots and leaves appear!

Growing Broad Beans from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

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