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At the Dentists

St. Edward’s Dental PracticeThis week the children in Senior Infants started on their new Aistear theme “The Dentist”. The children are getting into role as the Dentist, nurse, receptionist and the tooth fairy.

The children made playdough for their pulling teeth game. The children roll a dice and see how many teeth they have to pull. The child with the most teeth at the end wins.

The children are learning the proper names for all the different teeth. Incisors, Canines,premolars and molars and they are cutting out and making their own set of teeth.

The children are also practicing their fine motor skills by threading, moving pom poms with tweezers and stretching elastic bands with Mrs McKenna.

Aistear in Senior Infants

We have really enjoyed taking part in Aistear during the month of September. The children have had a chance to take part in structured play under the theme of homes in four different areas during the month, Role play, Small World, Construction and Art and Craft.

The children have been getting into role as the members of a family, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have really enjoyed acting out the stories in front of their class at the end of Aistear.

The children played in the Small World Area where they were playing with the dolls house, putting the correct furniture in the right room and using their dolls to act out scenes from the different fairy tales.

The children coloured and painted pictures on the Art and Craft table.

They completed jigsaws and made different types of houses using building blocks on the construction table.

Order of Malta Ambulance visit

On May 19th, Liam and Conor from the Order of Malta Ambulance service came to visit our school. They showed us round the inside of the ambulance and all the equipment that they use. They demonstrated how they use “Annie” to teach people how to do CPR  to help to resuscitate people. They even put some bandages on the Senior Infants who asked them to teach them some skills for their Doctor’s Surgery role play corner! They spoke to the senior classes about the benefits of volunteering with The Order of Malta. They get to attend big events such as music festivals for free, and learn lots of new skills which can save lives. Did you know that Sligo has been named as European Volunteering Capital 2017? We presented them with a donation towards the Order of Malta which we collected on a non- uniform day during Active School week. 

Thank you so much Liam and Conor, we really enjoyed your visit, learned loads of interesting things and had great fun!

Order of Malta volunteers demonstrate how Annie helps them to teach people some vital skills!


Room on the Broom

Junior and Senior Infants and First Class recently went to see the musical Room on the Broom in the Hawkswell Theatre. It is based on the book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. We were very excited about our bus trip and visiting The Hawkswell. 

In Senior Infants, we read the book and we made some stick puppets of the characters to make up our own little play based on the story. Thomas made up a new story called “No Room on the Dragon”! Room on the Broom is one of our favourite stories. 


2 Is The Magic Number!

Over the last number of weeks Senior Infants have been learning about teeth and dental hygiene. We learned about where our teeth come from and why some children in our class have lost a number of teeth! With the help of Margaret from Markievicz Pharmacy, we had a visit from Brona, a dentist, and Barbara, a dental nurse. They talked to us about why it is important to take care of our teeth and why 2 is the magic number. We should brush our teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day, and drink plenty of milk and water, 2 drinks that are very important for growing healthy teeth. 

Margaret brought some toothbrushes and toothpaste and we have been practicing how to brush our teeth each morning after our morning snack.  In our role play corner we have a dental surgery and we made a pictogram of the children in our class who have and have not lost any teeth yet! We have been writing some business cards for our role play corner and our budding dentists have been writing some patient notes as well. Lots of learning through play in room 7 this month!

At The Hairdresser

Our Aistear theme in Senior Infants was The Hairdresser. We had great fun in the play area, taking bookings on the phone and role playing cutting and colouring each other’s hair! We even wrote comment cards about the salon! We made new hairstyles using playdough and created some pretty wild ones by blow painting using straws. 


We have being taking part in lots of fun activities during Aistear. While we are playing we are learning lots of new things.
We were learning all about Autumn.
We made hedgehogs out of play dough. We learned about animals that hibernate. We did leaf rubbings with crayons. We created a woodland scene.

It is great fun as we get to play with our friends and learn at the same time.


Today in Junior Infants we made our very own volcano erupt. We have been learning a lot about volcano and have learned some new vocabulary such as lava, boiling, erupt, active, dormant, extinct, ash…

To carry out our experiment we needed our volcano, some vinegar, baking powder and some red food colouring.  We mixed the vinegar and some red food colouring in a bottle so that our lava would be the same colour as real lave. Then we carefully put some baking powder into the middle of the volcano. After this we poured in the red vinegar and finally we counted down to the eruption. It was lots of fun and we will be building on this next week with some very creative art work 🙂

The Dentist Visits Senior Infants

We invited our local dentist Brona to visit our classroom recently as we are learning all about teeth and how to care for them. She said the number 2 is very important because we have to brush twice a day and we learned about 2 drinks which are good for our teeth. Can you guess what they are?

She had a look at our science experiment where we left 3 eggs in water, vinegar and coke for a week. The shell of an eggs protects the soft inside, just like our teeth. She was amazed at the results. Then she sat in our dentists chair in our play corner where we have set up our own dentists surgery. Afterwards, she showed us the correct way to brush our teeth. Markievicz Pharmacy kindly gave each of us a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste so that we could practice in class each morning.

Thank you Brona for coming to visit us. We really learned a lot and hope that you enjoyed visiting our classroom.!

January in Senior Infants

We are very happy to be back in school after our Christmas holidays. We have a new student teacher Ms. McCullagh to help us learn. We are learning about clothes and also about weather. We are also learning all about the number 8 and are using gooey bags to help us practice our letters and numbers!

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