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Yard Games in Room 11

In room 11 we have been thinking about new games which we can play on yard. We decided to donate €1/€2 each to new yard equipment. We collected €38 and then began researching what games/equipment we could buy with this money.

We looked through the Smyths catalogue online and agreed on a selection of board games and ball games. We play these on yard once a week.

Buzz and Kinetic sand were donated to our class by two children in Room 11.

We discussed yard games at home with our parents and one parent remembered playing skittles as a child. We decided to make our own set of skittles. Teacher cut fencing posts into equal sized skittles. In class we numbered and painted each one. We record our scores on a record sheet and we have become quite competitive!

We love playing dodge ball so we also included this game in our yard rota.

We use the track twice a week – ‘Do your walking as you’re talking’.

We also bring mats out on yard. Some people make large boxes with them while others sit on them to chat or colour.

Yard has become more interesting and we look forward to it each day.


Christmas in Room 11


We have been busy preparing for Christmas in Room 11

  • At the beginning of December we learned a poem titled Advent. The poem taught us about the meaning of advent and about the Advent wreath.
  • We worked hard revising  for our Christmas tests – we were glad when they were over!!
  • In art we used sugar paper, chalk and pastels to create Christmas and winter scenes. We also made elf and angel Christmas tree decorations
  • Some of the class are members of the school choir and we really enjoyed carol singing in The Resource Centre, in Mowlam Nursing Home and in The Quayside Shopping Centre.
  • Miki surprised us on Wednesday with a large chocolate cake which he made before coming to school that morning. It was delicious!!!

Merry Christmas from everyone in Room 11

Active Walk in 5th Class

5th class enjoyed taking advantage of the warm weather today by going on a active nature walk to the I.T – stopping off for some exercise along the way. We had great fun trying out all the exercise machines.

3D Shapes in 5th Class

In 5th class we have been learning about 3D shapes.

We constructed some of these shapes with cocktail sticks & marshmallows. It was great fun, & even better we got to eat the marshmallows at the end!!

Have a look at the 3D shapes we made:


Can you count how many faces are on each shape?

Did you know that another name for a triangular based pyramid is a tetrahedron?

TY Ursuline Students Visit 5th Class

We had four girls who are students of the transition year program from the Ursuline College visit our class this week. They came to tell us and show us their board game they created called ‘Sligo Road Race’. They made this board game as part of their Mini Company – a project students take part in, in transition year, where you get a chance to set up a company and sell a product with your friends.

The game is similar to snakes and ladders, but you must answer trivia questions about different areas and famous things in Sligo in order to move on a space. Questions could be about Benbulben, Knocknarea, Mullaghmore, the Garavogue, Strandhill and many others.

We think this is a fun, challenging game that would be suited to senior classes. It could make learning about the Geography and History of our local area fun.

St. Brigid’s Day in 5th Class

The children in 5th class enjoyed the task of constructing St. Brigid’s Day crosses to celebrate the feast day on the first of February.

Have a look at how we got on!


Colour Mixing in 5th Class

5th Class have enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing. Beginning with the primary colours, red, yellow and blue the children created colour wheels. Secondary colours were created by mixing equal parts of two primary colours, for example green was made by mixing equal parts of yellow and blue. Tertiary colours were more difficult to make. The children had to use more of one colour combined with another to create the new colour (2:1 mixing primary and secondary).

Using their new colour mixing skills, the children painted images of peaches from observation, noting their shades of colours. Do you like our paintings?


An interesting visitor to tell us about the past

This week 5th class had a very interesting visitor .

Her name was Niamh O’ Connor and she is a historian.

She showed us some artefacts from almost 1000 years ago -shoes ,bones, weapons and kitchen items .

We got to try on an official warrior costume and hold a sword .

Niamh told us that there were no shops back then in medieval times and people had to make their own clothes .She showed us how to make a loom and how to weave a mini scarf or friendship band .

it was very interesting .



Cross Border Jamboree

On Friday the 23rd of September 5th and 6th class from St.Edwards N.S Sligo went to the Lakeland Forum in Enniskillen Co Fermanagh to a Cross Border Jamboree organised by Youth Sport West.
First we came into school and had pancakes .Yummy!
At 9:30 the bus arrived and off we went. It took us just under an hour and a half to reach our destination. On our way we passed Glencar Waterfall in Co. Leitrim. It was spraying water up into the mountain because of the wind.
When we arrived at the Lakeland Forum we were divided into nine groups. There were other schools from both sides of the border participating in the activities. There was a huge hall and it was divided into sections for each activity. Each of the activities lasted 20 minutes.
One of the activities was called “Rebound”. We each had a small trampoline and we copied the instructor’s movements to music. This was our favourite activity. It really tested our fitness! We also enjoyed tag rugby, cricket, Gaelic skills and athletics. There were also activities which helped us to get to know the other members of our team. One such activity was where we had to organise ourselves on a bench from tallest to smallest without stepping off the bench. This required teamwork. After that we each had a turn in a wheelchair to experience what it’s like to have a disability and it helped us learn that everyone of all abilities can play together. We were all grateful to have had the opportunity of playing new sports and meeting new people. At the end of the day we were all exhausted but we would happily do it all again!

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