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Seachtain na Gaeilge i Rang a trí agus a ceathair

Bhí ceol agus craic ag rang a trí agus rang a ceathair i rith seachtain na gaeilge. Tháinig siad le chéile agus chan rang a ceathair amhrán – ‘Peigín Leitir Mór’ agus chan rang a trí ‘Beidh Aonach Amárach’. Ansin rinne rang a trí dráma greanmhar – ‘An Gruaigaire agus an Buachaill Dána’.
– Ba mhaith le Mamaí stíl Taylor Swift ach mheasc Tomás dána na dathanna agus fuair sí stíl Lady Gaga ina ionad sin.

Making Snowmen with 2D and 3D shapes in 4th Class

We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths and when the snow fell this week we were allowed out in it to play and make Snowmen. We rolled a cylinder shape for the body and a sphere shape for the head. It took a few of us to lift some of the spheres onto the cylinders as they were very heavy. Some of us got together to make a really big snowman.

Then we put in 2d circles for eyes and a triangle for the nose. We used small circular stones in a line for the mouth. We made parallel lines in the snow as we rolled the cylinders and spheres. We also made some perpendicular lines.
It was very cold so we wore hats, coats and gloves.

Unfortunately it rained that night and our snowmen were gone the next day but at least we have the photos to remember how much fun we had.

Procedure to Make a Circuit

Procedure to Make an Electric Circuit  By Seweryn and Kian – 4th Class


Covered copper wire
Crocodile clips

Battery holder and battery
Bulb holder and bulb
Switch (optional)
An electric circuit is formed when you:

1) Attach  a wire to a battery in a battery holder using a crocodile clip.

2) Attach a bulb holder with a bulb to the other end of the wire using another crocodile clip.

3) Connect another wire from the remaining end of the battery holder to the other side of the bulb holder with a crocodile clip.

4) Now you have a full circuit and a working bulb.

Kian, Keelan and I (Seweryn) made a circuit!

We added a switch to our circuit.

A wire with crocodile clip at the end
And a switch

1) Attach the wire to the battery or the bulb with a crocodile clip.

2) Attach the other end to the switch and make a new circuit
Now every time you switch the switch the bulb will turn off and on.
Seweryn and I (Kian) made one and it worked perfectly!

We showed our circuits at the science fair.



Materials: wires, battery, bulb and switch.

Materials: wires, battery, bulb and switch.


Making the circuit

Making the circuit

A working circuit with bulb and switch

A working circuit with bulb and switch


We made a fan out of card

We made a fan out of card


We made the fan spin

We made the fan spin


We typed our procedures.

We typed our procedures.

Basketball skills with Anthony

We are very lucky in fourth class to have Anthony Flores as a basketball coach over the next few weeks .

He taught us how to dribble correctly .

We also had a match .

We are looking forward to the next session already .

Icarus,the boy who flew too close to the sun

We read a Greek legend about a boy called Icarus.He  flew too close to the hot sun with wings made of wax .Can you guess what happened?

We hope you like our art display based on this sad tale .

Autumn Nature walk

Fourth class  went on a very enjoyable nature walk .

We worked in groups of three .

We each got a checklist and a bag to collect leaves and berries .

 We saw an oak tree ,acorns,and a horsechestnut tree.

 We found woodlice hiding under a rock .

 We are already looking forward to our Winter nature walk .

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