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Minibeast hunt in 3rd class

3rd class enjoyed getting out in the good weather hunting for different types of minibeasts found around our school.

All set for Halloween

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This month we have been busy learning about how important our skeletons are and what jobs they do for our bodies. We used pasta in all shapes and sizes to design some skeletons in Art. We have also painted some very spooky pictures as we prepare for Halloween!

Our new Green Flag, Reading Certs and SALF Folders in 3rd.

In May our school won our 6th Green Flag – ‘Global Citizenship Litter and Waste’. A girl from 6th and a boy from 3rd who are on the Green School Committee got chosen to go to Claremorris to collect the flag. They had a great day out.

At the end of June our class had a presentation of reading certs which we won by doing library quizzes. We have enjoyed reading books in the library this year.

We worked on SALF folders during the year in 3rd class. SALF means – Self Assessment Learning Folder. During the year we put some of our best work into the folders to show to everyone. We had fun working in groups and looking at all the folders. We have pictures here of our class showing some lovely work which we are very proud of.

Making Magnetic Cars with Matchboxes and Magnets

Design and Make: Make a car with a matchbox and a magnet
Our Procedure to make a magnet car and move it with a larger magnet
Matchbox, 2 cocktail sticks, a straw, sellotape, a magnet small enough to fit in the box and a bigger one to push or pull the car, cardboard, coins for making circles, ruler for measuring and blue tack for covering the sharp points of the cocktail sticks.
1. First we estimated the width of the matchbox.
2. Then we got the ruler and measured the width. It was 3 ½ cm.
3. We measured 3 ½ cm on the straw and cut it.
4. We checked and it fitted exactly on the matchbox.
5. We used sellotape to attach the straw to the matchbox and then did this a second time.
6. We put 1 cocktail stick through each straw to make an axle that can go around.
7. We had to think about why we needed to put the cocktail stick inside a straw.
8. We know it is so that the cocktail stick will go around like an axle.
9. Next we drew around the €1 coin and cut it out.
10. Then we drew a line through the middle. We found out that this was called the diameter.
11. We drew another line through the middle and where they met was the centre point.
12. The teacher made a hole with a needle at that point for the cocktail stick. We did this 3 more times to make the rest of the wheels.
13. We attached the wheels to the cocktail sticks and covered the sharp points with blue-tack.
14. Last of all we put a small magnet in the car.
15. Now the car is ready and we can decorate it or add a cover to it.
16. We used a big magnet to make the car move. We can use the opposite poles to pull the car or we can push the car if we put like poles together.
We had great fun testing our cars and trying to race them!

Seachtain na Gaeilge i Rang a trí agus a ceathair

Bhí ceol agus craic ag rang a trí agus rang a ceathair i rith seachtain na gaeilge. Tháinig siad le chéile agus chan rang a ceathair amhrán – ‘Peigín Leitir Mór’ agus chan rang a trí ‘Beidh Aonach Amárach’. Ansin rinne rang a trí dráma greanmhar – ‘An Gruaigaire agus an Buachaill Dána’.
– Ba mhaith le Mamaí stíl Taylor Swift ach mheasc Tomás dána na dathanna agus fuair sí stíl Lady Gaga ina ionad sin.

A look back at Science in 2015 in 3rd Class


Third class were also very lucky to have a visit from a group of Abbvie staff during science week. We were shown how to work as scientists. We carried out tests to identify materials. One lucky pupil got to dress up as a scientist. We learned a lot about the work of scientists.        

Tidy School Winner 2015

As we near the end of 2015 we look back on a very special award we won this year.
First Prize for Tidiest school in Sligo in 2015.
This is the second consecutive year St. Edward’s N.S. has won this award so we are very proud to have achieved this twice. This was a whole school effort which was co-ordinated by the Green School Committee and every class did their part.
Some of the things we were commended for:
– The planting and displays in our courtyards.
– Work on the mural at the front of the school done by 4th class.
– Work done by Green Fingers Club – window boxes etc.
– Our efforts to recycle, compost and limit our landfill waste.
– Efforts by litter pickers in 3rd.
– Postcards and display notice boards on how long it takes waste to decompose done by 4th for Something Fishy Project.
– Whole school clean-up done in term 3 in 2015.
– Excellent work done by Johnny the caretaker mowing lawns and maintaining the grounds.
The school was presented with the award at a special presentation in the Sligo Park Hotel.
This was followed by a visit from Ann Gorby from the Tidy Town Committee who presented the children with a plaque and Certificates.
The plaque is now on display in our front hall along with last year’s plaque. We also
received 200 euro which will be used to further improve our school grounds as we enter the competition for 2016.

3rd Class: Pancake Tuesday

On Pancake Tuesday 3rd Class had a great time making pancakes.

First we had to write down the ingredients and the method. Then we had to measure and weigh our ingredients.

We cooked the mixture on the pan. We added our favourite toppings (chocolate spread and banana).


Visit to Northside

Yesterday, 3rd class visited the old St Edwards NS, otherwise known as ‘The Northside’.
We enjoyed seeing the model of the area in 1896 and the old classroom. We visited the old fort where Forthill gets it’s name from, and we had a look at the Men’s garden.
We would like to say thank you to Johnny Stanford and John Joe Rooney for all their lovely stories about the history of the area and the old fort.

Hurling in St Edward’s

3rd Class, along with 1st & 2nd classes, have started hurling training on Fridays for 10 weeks.
We are really enjoying it.

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