St. Edward’s After School Activities

St. Edward’s After School Activities take place from 2:30 to 3:30 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Each activity is organised by adult leaders and involve fun learning activities that develop skills and knowledge in a club setting. Children apply for a place in the club at the beginning of the school year, or in some cases each term. They must attend every week and clubs begin with a healthy snack.

dscn1376Fun and Games Club. The aim of this club is to have lots of fun after working hard at school all day. Children have the opportunity to talk about their day and socialise with school friends.

When the weather is good, our club goes outside to enjoy the fresh air and play lots of outdoor games. We play basketball, relay races and dodge ball. On wet days we stay inside and do lots of small group activities, such as board games, art and craft and music.

The club is lead by the interests of the group and what the children attending the club find interesting and fun.

The Art and Craft Club, which has been running since October, is open to children from 1st and 2nd Class. One of its img_1285main aims is to enable the children to experience the excitement and fulfillment of creativity and the realisation of their potential through art activities. Children’s individuality is promoted through opportunities to make each art project their own. We meet every Tuesday between 2.30 and 3.30.

So far in our club, we have made ‘autumn trees,’ paper plate ghosts and we are now learning all about colour. We are finding out which colours go well together as we make different patterns. The children are very excited to see how these patterns turn out!

img_8883The Guitar Club is a two-year programme of learning guitar in 5th and 6th Class with a 30-minute group lesson each week. Beginners, from 5th Class have their lessons on a Tuesday and the Improvers Class from 6th Class children is on Thursdays. The school provides guitars on loan for children to learn and then they often opt to get their own guitar for Christmas or a birthday if they are experiencing success.

Máire Hunt, the teacher, calls the Beginner’s the “Yellow Submarine” group and the Improvers the “Reality Check” group. If the Beginners master Yellow Submarine with the chords of D,A and G, by Christmas they will stick with learning a difficult skill for at least another year. After that, once they learn 6 or 8 more chords, they start exploring the music they like themselves and looking for songs they want to learn online.

The task in the second year is to prepare them to learn independently online so that they can have guitar playing as ayellow_submarine_in_monaco hobby that they can develop through their teenage years- without needing to pay for guitar lessons. The “Reality Check” aspect is to help them to understand that a song that they love might be beyond their level of competence and to learn to keep working at their own level.

scaffoldingAll of this involves a lot of what we in education call “scaffolding” – and everyone understands what scaffolding does. It supports something until it is built up properly to stand on its own. So the Guitar Club is “a Yellow Submarine with a lot of scaffolding and regular Reality Checks”!!!!

The Movie Makers Club meet on Tuesdays and as the name suggests they get to make movies! The aim of club is to teachimg_1288 basic video editing skills and to use these skills to work creatively in creating digital stories and to present information, all the time developing their skills as good digital citizens.

The members get to use both PCs and iPads to learn the skills of planning, shooting and editing both video and audio. They start each year by learning the basics of the iMovie app, which they then use to edit their video clips. They learn to  add special effects, edit audio and add titles and credits. Over the course of the year, they will they use what they have learned to master other apps and software such as Animoto, Sock Puppets and Tellagami to make mini movies and documentaries using both actors and avatars.  Over the course of the year they are encouraged to share their skills back in their own classroom and beyond!

The Greenfingers Club is held on Mondays and this year we have dscn1371children from 5th and 6th class attending. The aim of Greenfingers Club is to promote awareness of the living world around us and to have fun while doing so.

We set seeds, plant bulbs and take cuttings of various plants to show the different life cycles of a variety of plants, indoor and outdoor. Every year we are responsible for the window boxes at the school.

On rainy days we do a nature based art and craft activity. We also do seasonal cooking during the year. The club is run by Valerie and Gráinne and we are based in ‘The Kitchen’ this year.


The Athletics Club meets on Thursday evenings to exercise and enjoy different activities.
In good weather we go to theimg_1253 track at Sligo IT for running, hurdles and long jump. During the winter months we use the climbing frame and vault in the school hall to keep fit.  St Edward’s is a Health Promoting School where physical fitness is encouraged. It’s also fun.