PE in St. Edward’s National School

Physical Education (PE) plays a valuable role in the children’s overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives. It aims to meet the physical needs of the pupil while contributing to the understanding and promotion of a healthy life.

The PE curriculum provides a balanced range of activities for children through the six strands:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Outdoor and Adventure Activities
  • Aquatics – Swimming.

In our school we are applying for our Active School Flag. We are aiming to increase our fitness levels by trying out new activities and sports while having fun too.

We have a slogan in our school. It is Stay Active, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!


We are lucky in our school that we have the support from different people to help us with our sports. We go swimming in the Clayton Hotel. The Clayton also help us with our Failte Festival and Sponsored Walk.

Sligo Sport and Recreation have helped us organise a Sports Day in O’ Boyle Park and helped us organise a Parents Walking Programme.

We are very lucky to be located beside the Sligo IT. We visit their running track and we have our Summer Sports Day there every year. Sligo IT students also come into our school and coach us in gaelic, athletics and games.

Active School Week

Every year we have Active School Week. This is one of the most popular weeks of the year. We get to try out new sports and activities. Last year we did gymnastics, orienteering, Gaelic, Soccer, completed a Walking Challenge, Active Line up and we got Active homework.

Clubs in our area.

Sligo Sport and Recreation have a list of Sports Clubs in our area and contact numbers if your child wishes to join a new club

Parents and Sport

Thank you for all your support with promoting sports and PE with your children. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

You can help your child stay healthy and fit by encouraging them to more active in the evenings and at the weekend.