A good source of advice for parents on internet safety, support and advice is available on www.webwise.ie 

The website has an advice for parents section on a range of topics, such how much screen time children should children have and dealing with cyberbullying.

Try the Explainers section if you would like to get informed on the most recent trends online that your child may be using or talking about such as Snapchat, Pok√©mon Go and Yellow

Talking Points can help with some useful conversation starting points for talking to your child about different aspects of internet use.

One further useful section is the How To section which gives practical technology tips on how to set up parental controls on devices  , how to switch on YouTube safety mode , how to prevent children from making expensive in-app purchases on an iPad or iPhone and many others. 

The most important tip for internet safety is having open conversations with your child about how they are using the internet and being aware of what they are doing, even if you don’t fully have the skills or knowhow to use it yourself! If you are unsure about what it’s all about, then Webwise is a good place to start!