In St. Edward’s N.S., we have Healthy Eating Guidelines, to help children, staff and parents develop positive attitudes to food.
In school, we take the opportunity to learn about how healthy food helps us to grow, and learn.
Lunches are provided free of charge by the Carambola company with funding provided by the Department of Social Protection. Parents who opt not to take the Carambola lunch for their children provide, their own children’s lunches and are asked to comply with our healthy eating guidelines.
Cans and glasses or chewing gum are not permitted for safety and litter reasons. Healthier choice of drink includes water, milk and unsweetened juice.
No food or drinks are allowed to be brought out on yard.
Some of the health snacks that we encourage for the small break includes fruit, flap jacks,
yogurt, fromage frais and crackers.
Foods which have wrappers are to be kept to a minimum and wrappers and papers should be brought home to reduce litter and protect our school environment.
All classes will receive at least 2 lessons on healthy eating a term, when the benefits
of healthy eating for lifelong health will be explained to the children.
Teachers and older pupils will assist young children with their lunch, and promote healthy eating habits.
Teachers will provide positive modelling and supportive attitudes to encourage healthy choices.
In early September Healthy Eating Guidelines will be reviewed.
If your child has any food allergies, please tell your child’s teacher and record it on the enrolment form.