Parents in St. Edward’s N.S

St Edward’s NS has a teacher designated to working with and for parents. That teacher is called the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator.

In St Edward’s we know that this is a partnership. Parents and teachers must work together. We work very hard at this aspect of our school’s relationship with our families and we also try to make a difference as an agent of change in the community of St Edward’s NS.  For this reason, our school motto is – “Parents, teachers and children, working together for success.”   It comes from an old Irish saying that is still very relevant today; “Ní neart go cur le chéile”. It means that we can do nothing as one person – there is no strength unless we work together.  It is a motto that people such as Ghandi and Nelson Mandela would have agreed with.

We are a learning community seeking to improve our school and the opportunities available to our children all the time. Parents are real partners in our school and, not only is the door open to them, but they are invited in to engage in programmes such as Maths for Fun, Ag Sugradh le Chéile and Library programmes.

One group of parents helps with our fundraising events, celebrations and our Family Fun Day in June.  We have another parents’ group that has facilitated the provision of hot soup to the children one day a week during the winter this school year. We also have a parents’ group starting to help us work on developing a new and more “family friendly” homework policy for the school.

The HSCL Coordinator is a friend to parents and an advocate, lending support for example when parents need further education, access to services and generally supporting the families of children in the school.

In St Edward’s NS we will always work for you and your children to improve your life and your situation. That is our mission and we are committed to it. Because that is our job!