October 4th 2016

Dear Parents

We hope all children are settled into their class for this year. All teachers have had Parent Information meetings which parents reported as helpful.

Individual Parent/Teacher meetings will take place after school on the 15th and 16th of November. More information to follow.


The Board of Management of St. Edward’s NS is responsible for pupils during school hours – 8.50am to 2.30pm, or if they are involved in school related activities.  Children should not arrive in school before 8.40am. The Board of Management is not responsible for pupils outside of school hours.


We also remind everyone about Road Safety:

  • Please do not park in restricted zones.
  • If using the church car park, be aware of small children walking towards their parents’ cars.
  • It is recommended that only children who are collected in cars use the car park. Those who are walking home would be much safer using the paths and road crossings.


As you are aware, our Special Class for children with Autism, The Ark, opened in September. The welcome that all children in this school showed to our new pupils is a credit to all families whose children attend this school.


Parents Association: are holding their first meeting of the year tomorrow Tuesday 18th at 8pm in the school. See separate note


Holidays: It is not recommended to take children out of school for holidays during the year. All school holidays are listed on the school calendar, which you received in June. If you do not have a calendar, please call to Trish in the office to get one.

The Department of Education has now informed us that the school will be closed on Tuesday 14th March 2017 for staff training.


Pupil Insurance: Insurance is available for all children for €9 for the whole year. If you wish to avail of this, please contact Trish in the office for an application form. If you have already paid for insurance but have not signed the insurance form, please do so in the office, as the insurance is not valid without a parent’s signature.


Lunches: if you do not want a school lunch and would prefer to send in a healthy lunch for your child, let us know so we can remove your child’s name from the list. Children either get a school lunch or a lunch from home, not both. All lunch packaging is sent home so that parents can be aware that their children are eating their lunch.


Children’s Property: Please make sure you have labelled all your children’s property, lunch boxes, uniforms, coats, shoes, sports gear.


Medicine Policy: The Medicine Policy is in line with the latest guidelines on Health and Safety Practices.

  • If a child requires medicine in school there must be a letter from a doctor stating that it is necessary.
  • Parents must fill out a Medical Condition & Administration of Medicine form, which is available in the school office.
  • School staff record on the child’s file when medicine is used in school.
  • All medicines including inhalers are kept in the office.

Mobile Phones: If parents want their children to bring a mobile phone to school, they must sign a Mobile Phone Consent form, available in the office. Children then leave the phone in the office in the morning and collect it on their way home. The phones must be switched off once children enter the school grounds.

Birthday Party Invitations: Parents are asked not to have birthday invitations sent into school, to be given out in class, as it hurts some children if they not invited to the party. If you want to send in a small treat to celebrate your child’s birthday do so on the Friday of the birthday week, but be careful as some children have allergies to some foods. Do not send in birthday cakes.

Beginning of year School Mass: is on this Thursday at 11am in St. Joseph’s church and all parents and family members are invited to attend. This is a celebration for all children in our school and even if they do not attend the Mass they are kept in our thoughts and prayers.



Junior Infants       Ms Kivlehan           Senior Infants       Ms Grimes

1st Class                 Ms Lynn                 2nd Class                Mrs McKiernan

3rd Class                Ms Rooney             4th Class                Ms Coyne

5th Class                Ms Ferguson                   6th Class                Ms Davey

HSCL                    Ms Hunt

Support Teachers: Ms Connolly, Mrs Henehan, Ms Reilly, Ms Fullard

Assistants: Valerie, Dorothy, Gráinne, Vincent, Catalina.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress with a teacher, make an appointment using the homework diary or phone the school to arrange it.


With every good wish

On behalf of all staff

Jean McGowan