We had a fantastic day yesterday on our school tour!  We left the school at 9:30am and arrived at Atlantic Sheepdogs in Grange at 10am. There we were greeted by Farmer Martin Feeney who introduced us to his Sheepdog Joe. We watched Joe round up the sheep and Farmer Martin used a whistle to direct Joe where to bring the sheep.  We gave Joe a big cheer when he lead the Sheep through the gate.

We then  went to look at different types of sheep and the children got to hold a baby lamb. We talked about sheep and how important they are for wool and food. We learned that we would not have soap if we didn’t have sheep as we make soap from the oil in their wool.

We then hoped back on the bus to go to Five Star Fun. We had such a great time there!  We played in the play area, we had a MIni Disco, went on Go Carts and had some yummy food.

We were so busy and we had so much fun all day that some  of the children fell asleep on the way home.