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Making 3D Shapes

Today in Senior Infant’s we made 3D shapes using mini-marshmallows and toothpicks. The children started off by making 2D shapes e.g squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, pentagons and hexagons. They then went on to make 3D shapes  such as cubes, square based pyramids, triangular based pyramids and cuboids. 


Sally has made a square and Brook has made a cube. Kayla has made a pentagon.Israel is making a pyramid.Here is Blake making a cube.

At the Dentists

St. Edward’s Dental PracticeThis week the children in Senior Infants started on their new Aistear theme “The Dentist”. The children are getting into role as the Dentist, nurse, receptionist and the tooth fairy.

The children made playdough for their pulling teeth game. The children roll a dice and see how many teeth they have to pull. The child with the most teeth at the end wins.

The children are learning the proper names for all the different teeth. Incisors, Canines,premolars and molars and they are cutting out and making their own set of teeth.

The children are also practicing their fine motor skills by threading, moving pom poms with tweezers and stretching elastic bands with Mrs McKenna.

Halloween fun in Senior Infants

The children in  Junior and Senior Infants really enjoyed the Halloween walk, disco and fashion show that took place on the Friday before the Midterm break. 

Final Maths Week Question:

Well done to all the boys and girls who attempted our second maths problem of Maths week. The following children earn themselves 3 stamps/dojo points for getting the questions correct & being the first to Room 4 with their answers:

6th Class: Hermann 
5th Class: Sebastian 
4th Class: Matthew 
1st Class: Hubert 

Bonus question – earns 1 stamp/dojo point:
6th Class: Nigel 
5th Class: Mikey 

Here’s the final question of the week:

Junior Question:

Granny gave Tom 15c and on the way home he lost 5c.
How much does he have now?

Senior Question:

Directions: Find the words that fit.
Example: 29 = D in F in a L Y
What do the letters stand for?
Answer: 29 = Days in February in a Leap Year

26 = L of the A
7 = D of the W
101 = D
52 = C in a D
88 = P K
13 = S on the A F
365 = D in a Y
18 = H on a G C
90 = D in a R A
3 = B M (S H T R)
24 = H in a D
4 = W on a C
60 = S in a M
28 = D in F
64 = S on a C B

Good luck!

Maths Question Number 2

Well done to all the boys and girls who attempted our first maths problem of Maths week. The following children earn themselves 3 stamps/dojo points for being the first from their room to me with the correct answer:

6th Class: Chloe
5th Class: Mikey
4th Class: Teyanna 
1st Class: Stephen

Question Number 2:

Junior Question:

Eight marbles are in the basket. Four are red and the rest are
green. How many marbles are green?

Senior Question:

o A goldfish costs €1.80
o An angelfish costs €1.40
o Noirín paid exactly €20 for some fish
o How many of each kind did she buy?

Remember to bring your answers to Room 4

Happy Maths Week!

Hello everyone!

As it is Maths Week in Ireland this week all classes will be doing different tasks and activities to celebrate it. Each day there will be a maths question on our school blog for you to solve. The first child to Room 4 with the correct answer for the problem will win themselves some stamps.

Good luck!!

Junior Problem:

Noah saw 12 legs walk by into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen?
How many different answers can you find?

Senior Problem:

Jennie the old sheep dog is lazing around in the paddock near the house. She counts the number of animals in the paddock. There are 11 of them, pigs and ducks. Then she counts the legs. She sees 28 legs.

How many ducks are there?

Remember, bring your answers to Room 4!

Aistear in Senior Infants

We have really enjoyed taking part in Aistear during the month of September. The children have had a chance to take part in structured play under the theme of homes in four different areas during the month, Role play, Small World, Construction and Art and Craft.

The children have been getting into role as the members of a family, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have really enjoyed acting out the stories in front of their class at the end of Aistear.

The children played in the Small World Area where they were playing with the dolls house, putting the correct furniture in the right room and using their dolls to act out scenes from the different fairy tales.

The children coloured and painted pictures on the Art and Craft table.

They completed jigsaws and made different types of houses using building blocks on the construction table.

Autumn Walk

Our Autumn Leaf Display

Last week the children went on an Autumn walk. They looked for all the signs of Autumn, fallen leaves, horse chestnuts, acorns etc.

Fallen leaves were collected and the children created a hedgehog with a spiky back collage using the leaves.

Centipede in the leaves

When we had came back in from our nature walk we found little centipedes among the leaves. Hughie told the rest of his classmates to “be careful not to squash the creatures” and we put them safely into the compost.

During Aistear time the children created their own Autumn tree with fallen leaves using their hand print as a tree and fingerprints as leaves.

Food Dudes in Senior Infants

We have been using the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme in St. Edward’s and Senior Infants have learned all about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables every day to keep healthy. We watched episodes of the adventures of the Food Dudes as they fought General Junk, Master Disaster and Miss Demeanour. We got lots of rewards for eating portions of fruit and vegetables which were delivered to our classroom every day.

For phase 2 of the programme, we got special  lunchboxes and brought in our own fruit and veg from home. We got ticks on a chart each time we brought them in as we work towards getting our certificates. 

Luke says he likes eating peppers now, so does Blake. He brings them in his new lunchbox! Lauren liked tasting the cucumber and Patrick Gerard loved the grapes especially.

Order of Malta Ambulance visit

On May 19th, Liam and Conor from the Order of Malta Ambulance service came to visit our school. They showed us round the inside of the ambulance and all the equipment that they use. They demonstrated how they use “Annie” to teach people how to do CPR  to help to resuscitate people. They even put some bandages on the Senior Infants who asked them to teach them some skills for their Doctor’s Surgery role play corner! They spoke to the senior classes about the benefits of volunteering with The Order of Malta. They get to attend big events such as music festivals for free, and learn lots of new skills which can save lives. Did you know that Sligo has been named as European Volunteering Capital 2017? We presented them with a donation towards the Order of Malta which we collected on a non- uniform day during Active School week. 

Thank you so much Liam and Conor, we really enjoyed your visit, learned loads of interesting things and had great fun!

Order of Malta volunteers demonstrate how Annie helps them to teach people some vital skills!


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