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Santa Mile Dash

On Thursday 21st December, we went over to the Sligo IT running track to take part in our first Santa Mile Dash. Everyone from Junior Infants to 6th and including the staff got dressed up as Santa Claus or reindeers and even some elves.

Our aim was to try and walk or run a mile. It was great fun and we really got into the Christmas spirit with Christmas music in the background.

We estimated that we ran over 180 miles. That is the same distance as it is from Sligo to Cork!!

Well done everyone and a special well done to Tommy from Room 1 who ran the fastest mile on the day.

Festive fun

Excitement is building in Room 9 as we count down the number of sleeps until the BIG day. During Advent, we have coloured in a candle each week in preparation for Christmas Day. We have been learning Christmas poems and songs, making Christmas cards and decorations, and even taking part in a ‘Santa Dash’ on the I.T track!

We also had a visit from Santa himself and he really enjoyed our poems about him. Wishing all the children and their families a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. See you all in 2018!

Christmas Week in Junior Infants.

We have had a very busy week getting ready for Christmas.

We have been learning about ‘The Nativity’.  We put baby Jesus into our manger in school as we won’t be here on Christmas Day.  We saw Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds,the Wise Men and of course the animals that were in the stable when Jesus was born. We also got to see 3rd class perform their Nativity play. It  was excellent. 

On Wednesday, our parents came into our school and we performed a poem and some Christmas songs. We dressed up and got our faces painted.  We liked having our parents at school.

On Thursday, all the school went over to Sligo IT track for our Santa Mile Dash. We wore Santa hats and some of us dressed up. We ran around the track listening to Christmas music. It was great fun. We estimated that between all of us we ran approximately 180 miles which is the same distance  if you were travelling from Sligo to Co. Cork!!!!!

We also had a very special visitor to our class.  Santa came to our class. We were so happy to see him because he is very busy at the moment. He brought everyone a special treat. Thank you Santa.

I think after all this we are ready for our Christmas holidays. Happy Christmas everyone.



Fun and Games at the IT

On Tuesdays, we go over to the IT and the students there do some P.E. activities with us.

My class walked over to the IT.  When we got over to the IT there were coaches. We went to our section and the coaches told us their names.
Afterwards we all got split up into teams. I was with all my friends. I was really happy!

Me and my friend Kelsey were on a team together and the game was to get all the beanbags into your hoop. Whenever all the beanbags were gone from the middle, we had to steal each others.

Later we swapped sides and played Simon Says and I was so good at it! Afterwards we played handball and my team won. We were Team Green.

When we had to go we all said bye and thank you. I had the best time ever!
The End

Mia. Room 1

Ag Súgradh le Chéile

Last Friday, 24th November some parents and pupils from junior infants to 2nd class took part in a play workshop in our school hall. The workshop  aims to promote active play between children and their parents.

Thanks to all the parents who came in and especially  Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership who came into run the workshop.

The children really enjoyed the afternoon.

Great Day at O’ Boyle Park

On Thursday 5th October pupils and parents were invited to attend a fun day in O’Boyle Park. It was organised by Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership. We were very lucky to have the opportunity  to use the great facilities including the running track, basketball court, football pitch and the outdoor gym.

Thank you very much to Diane and Teresa from Sligo Sport and Recreation and to the parents who came to join in on this special day.

Primary Schools Athletics

Primary Schools Athletics

We got ready in the hall .We walked over to the IT. It was my first time there. I felt nervous, but when my race was on I felt super. On my team were Mikey,Josh,Jamie and me. Our team finished in second place.

The weather was nice, but a bit cold. There were lots of teachers and children. I knew a lot of people there. There were also a lot of schools there.

We were the orange team. The green team came first in their heat. Gary,Herman,Emily and Aivis were the green team. They got into the finals and came in third place. We were all very happy for the green team.

We all had fun and I would love to do it again.


Room 1


See more photos on the Sligo Sports and Recreation Paternership Facebook page

Tug of War Challenge

As part of European Week of Sport, St. Edward’s NS were very lucky to have Gerry Ferguson come into our school and teach us all about Tug of War.

Tug of War is a great team sport where everyone works together. Two teams are against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of the rope with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the other team’s pull.

We had competitions against different teams in our class. It was great fun when we had the boys against the girls and even the Staff against the Pupils competition.

It was really enjoyable but hard work too as we had to use all our strength to pull as hard as we could.

Clubs in our Area.

September is an excellent time of year to join a new club or take up a new sport.

There is an excellent list of Clubs and contact details of coaches on the Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership website.  Follow the link below to find out what clubs are in our area.

Clubs & Facilities

Active Schools Committee

Active Schools Committee


Thank you very much to our last years Active School Committee.

They helped organise and came up with lots of ideas on how we could keep fit and healthy while having fun. Including helping to organise Active School Week, suggesting our school soccer league, surveying pupils in our ‘What Club are you in?  and helping with our 500 lap a day Challenge as part of Active Schools Week.

Our new committee will be meeting Tuesday afternoons.

Active School Committee 2017

This year we are working towards getting Our Active School Flag.

Remember our slogan:

Stay Active, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!!!


We have a few treats already organised for the next few weeks including a Tug of War Pupils Teacher Challenge on Friday as part of European Week of Sport.

Also a Community Celebration next Wednesday with Youth Sport West. More details to follow.


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