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Second Class Visit Abbotts


On Tuesday the 12th of December we went on a trip to Abbotts.

We met our partners who have been reading with us during our Time to Read sessions. They showed us their work stations and told us what they do every day.
We were also given a tour of the factory.
It was a great day out for us all!
Here are some photos of the day:

Science Fair 2017

Today, we had our annual Science Fair at school.  Second class have been learning about light and shadows.

We learned that light reflects off different materials for example, a mirror or a glass prism.

We also learned how shadows are made when light cannot pass through an opaque object.

The children also performed a shadow puppet show!



Be Safe, Be Seen.

This week in second class, we have been talking about the RSA’s ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ campaign. We discussed how the evenings and mornings are darker now that it is Winter. Children know how important it is to keep active during the Winter but that we also need to keep safe.  Each child received a high-visibility arm band so that they can wear it if they are walking to school, playing outside or if they are outside on their bikes.

Here we are wearing our high-visibility armbands:

Oíche Shamhna: Rang a dó

This morning we had some scary monsters in second class! We had witches, skeletons, zombies and loads more! They all made a great effort to dress up and some even made their costumes from scratch.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Here are some photos of these scary monsters.



Final Maths Week Question:

Well done to all the boys and girls who attempted our second maths problem of Maths week. The following children earn themselves 3 stamps/dojo points for getting the questions correct & being the first to Room 4 with their answers:

6th Class: Hermann 
5th Class: Sebastian 
4th Class: Matthew 
1st Class: Hubert 

Bonus question – earns 1 stamp/dojo point:
6th Class: Nigel 
5th Class: Mikey 

Here’s the final question of the week:

Junior Question:

Granny gave Tom 15c and on the way home he lost 5c.
How much does he have now?

Senior Question:

Directions: Find the words that fit.
Example: 29 = D in F in a L Y
What do the letters stand for?
Answer: 29 = Days in February in a Leap Year

26 = L of the A
7 = D of the W
101 = D
52 = C in a D
88 = P K
13 = S on the A F
365 = D in a Y
18 = H on a G C
90 = D in a R A
3 = B M (S H T R)
24 = H in a D
4 = W on a C
60 = S in a M
28 = D in F
64 = S on a C B

Good luck!

Maths Question Number 2

Well done to all the boys and girls who attempted our first maths problem of Maths week. The following children earn themselves 3 stamps/dojo points for being the first from their room to me with the correct answer:

6th Class: Chloe
5th Class: Mikey
4th Class: Teyanna 
1st Class: Stephen

Question Number 2:

Junior Question:

Eight marbles are in the basket. Four are red and the rest are
green. How many marbles are green?

Senior Question:

o A goldfish costs €1.80
o An angelfish costs €1.40
o Noirín paid exactly €20 for some fish
o How many of each kind did she buy?

Remember to bring your answers to Room 4

Happy Maths Week!

Hello everyone!

As it is Maths Week in Ireland this week all classes will be doing different tasks and activities to celebrate it. Each day there will be a maths question on our school blog for you to solve. The first child to Room 4 with the correct answer for the problem will win themselves some stamps.

Good luck!!

Junior Problem:

Noah saw 12 legs walk by into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen?
How many different answers can you find?

Senior Problem:

Jennie the old sheep dog is lazing around in the paddock near the house. She counts the number of animals in the paddock. There are 11 of them, pigs and ducks. Then she counts the legs. She sees 28 legs.

How many ducks are there?

Remember, bring your answers to Room 4!

First Certificates for this year

Well done Suraiya and Laiba! These were the first two children to finish  stamp books this year. Children get stamps for making good decisions in school and on the playground. 

First Cert Awarded

2nd Class Music Generation

In second class we have been so lucky to have Music Generation come into our class every Wednesday morning.  We are learning about ‘the beat’ and ‘the rhythm’ in different songs. We also got a chance to play some interesting musical instruments such as the mandolin, ukulele and a cavaquinho!

Second Class September 2017

Second Class have been very busy starting back this September.

We have been learning about each other and talking about some of our favourite things.

Here is our ‘All About Me’ wall chart.

We also love talking about nature and here is our Nature Table that we created by bringing different aspects of nature into our classroom.

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