St. Edward's N.S. entrance signMessage from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians, welcome to St Edward’s NS website.
When parents send their children to St Edward’s, they trust that we will look after their child’s needs in school. We take this trust very seriously.
Going to school is taken for granted. The vast majority of parents send their children to school to get a good education. People have different ideas about what a good education is and it is difficult to define it to capture all aspects of education. It has to do with learning. By the time your child starts school he or she has already learned a lot from you. Children also learn from their own natural ability just as they usually learn to walk and talk without anyone actually teaching them. They learn because they want to do things. Children are natural learners.
In school we want to build on children’s natural abilities and what they already know while supporting them in areas they may find difficult. If we think about what we want children to learn in school, we can divide it into three areas.

Learning core skills
Children need to enjoy learning how to read, write, discuss and explain their ideas, think mathematically, understand science, learn about the world past and present, and engage art, music and drama activities. But there are new discoveries all the time, so children need to learn how to keep learning as there is always something new to learn. They learn how to use their thinking, reading, writing and maths skills to keep learning as they grow. No one knows yet what knowledge and skills will be important by the time they grow up, so education now prepares them for their future.
Social skills and understanding
Children also need to learn how to get on with and understand other people. The world is full of people who are different in some ways but the same in other ways. There is space for everyone. When we understand how other people think and do things, it is easier to get along with them.
Personal skills and knowledge
Finally and maybe most importantly, children need to learn about themselves. They need to know their strengths and what they need help with, what they enjoy and what is in their best interests.
Education needs to be balanced between these three areas, so that children have the best chance to grow up, content and confident that they are important in this world and that they make a positive difference to this world, knowing they have the skills and knowledge to make informed choices. And for those times when plans do not work out, that they have the coping skills to get over setbacks, as setbacks happen to everyone at some stage and getting over them is the necessary skill. Therefore children of all beliefs, from all cultures and backgrounds are welcome to St Edward’s NS. We strive to give children the opportunity to learn to grow into independent, co-operative young people capable of making good decisions for themselves and others.
Parents and families are a child’s first educators so in St Edward’s we value parents’ opinions and support. We are always available to make time when a parent wants to discuss their child’s progress or any problems that arise.
If you want to know more information about life in St Edward’s school, look under the various pages on our website 
or request a school booklet. You will see it is a busy, vibrant school where we have high expectations for our children. Our high expectations are well placed as St Edward’s has a record of various awards to our credit. While awards are celebrated, we celebrate more when children who have struggled in a learning area make progress. Children learn at different rates and every child is valued.
We, as the staff of the school also have high expectations of each other to always do our best to meet the learning needs and strengths of our pupils. As educators we are always willing to learn continuously about education and your children.
As the principal teacher in the school, it is my goal that all children attending St Edward’s s enjoy learning in school in the company of other children and under the guidance of professional teachers and assistants. I also hope that all staff members enjoy the special role they play in children’s lives. It is my role to support the teaching and learning in the school and I welcome the support and advice of staff, parents and children in carrying out this role.
Ní neart go cur le chéile (Together we are stronger)

Jean Mc Gowan