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Making our own playdough

Second  class had great fun making their own play dough for golden time. We used:

  • flour
  • vegetable oil
  • food colouring
  • Cornflour
  • salt
  • water

Here are some pictures of us having fun with what we made .


6th Class Cooking

Last week, 6th class were busy in the kitchen making pancakes. We measured the ingredients and whisked them altogether. We then cooked them on the pan and topped the pancakes with chocolate spread and strawberries.  They were delicious, many of us wanted a second helping!

We will be busy in the kitchen again this week, as we are preparing for the Fáilte Festival on this Sunday 11th of June. We will be baking items for a bake sale and we will be selling them on the day. We have asked all classes to help us out by baking some goods for the bake sale too!

We have also been busy making friendship bracelets in class and we will be selling these at the festival also.

Here are some pictures of us baking and making our friendship bracelets.


Visiting St. Angela’s

On Tuesday 2nd of May, 6th class enjoyed a Confirmation retreat in St. Angela’s College. 

We worked in groups to discuss ‘What Confirmation means to me?’ We then created prayers of the faithful together.

In the afternoon we took part in a special mass. We would like to thank Fr. Noel, Sr. Mary and Corina for organising the day.

We really enjoyed it.

We are looking forward to making our Confirmation on Friday May 12th.

Here are some pictures of us. We also loved being out in the beautiful weather!

Sligo Rovers

On Friday 17th of February Shane Crossan from Sligo Rovers visited our 6th class.  We were delighted to have invited him to our school and extremely grateful for the wonderful t-shirts and jerseys which Sligo Rovers donated.  We wore the t-shirts and jerseys for our school play ‘Sligo Rovers in the Hall of Fame’.  Each pupil received a t-shirt to keep!

Shane spoke to us about the Sligo Rovers win in 2012 and the importance of playing sport.

A picture of our class can also be seen on the Sligo Rovers Facebook page.

We wish Sligo Rovers all the best this season!


Science in 6th Class

On Friday, 6th class conducted a science experiment using water, glasses and spoons. We measured the water in each glass and took 1/8th away each time. Then, we used a spoon to tap the glasses. We noticed that each glass made a different sound.


6th Class Visit to Ballinode College

On Tuesday, 6th Class visited Ballinode College for their open day. We all enjoyed our day sampling some of the subjects that are on offer in the school.

We cooked pizzas in the kitchen for Home Economics.

Made key rings in the Metalwork room.

Created a card holder in the Woodwork room.

Investigated electricity in the Science lab.

Practiced our mathematical skills in the IPad room.


There is great excitement among the pupils of 6th Class as they choose which school they will attend in September.


Making Robins In Sixth Class

Here are some pictures of our little Christmas robins. We made them with clay. They are all so different.


Helping Junior Infants with their Reading and Jigsaws

Sixth class really enjoyed a recent visit to Junior Infants .

We read the children some stories and helped them with their puzzles and jigsaws .

Making Rocky Road in 6th class

As a special golden time to end the term we made some rocky road .It was delicious here is the recipe .


Making Rocky Road


  • Rich tea biscuits (10)
  • Boiled water
  • Cooking chocolate (3)
  • Marshmallows
  • 4 crunchie bars
  • Lined baking tray



1 First of all take the rich tea biscuits and smash them all up using a rolling pin.

2 Then take your bowl and put in your smashed biscuits.

3 After that take your crunchies and chop them up .then add them to the bowl as well.

4 Next put a handful of marshmallows into the bowl.

5 Straight after that you take the cooking chocolate. Break it into pieces and then melt it over boiling water.

6 Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl.

7 Then take the mixture and scoop it onto a tray and leave it to cool for 1-2 hours in the fridge.

8 Chop into slices and serve.

9 Enjoy.

The Greater Chernobyl Cause

Fiona Corcoran from the “Greater Chernobyl Cause” charity visited our school recently. She traveled all the way from Cork. She came to thank us for making a banner for a recent event, which was held in the Northside Community Centre, to raise funds for this charity. It was a local woman Mary Martin who asked us to get involved. Fiona and her co-workers do some fantastic work in orphanages in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. We watched a brilliant clip from RTE`s nationwide about the excellent work done by Fiona and her team.

Here is the link to the video     

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