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Music Generation

The Ark Class were delighted to welcome back Music Generation every Wednesday for their music lessons. The children really enjoy taking part in the lessons, learning the new songs and getting to explore and interact with a new and different instrument each week. It is always lots of fun.


Ice Cream Party in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland

Today the children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes hosted an ice cream party in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. We are delighted to reveal that we have raised 130 euro. We would like to thank all the parents and children from these classes who kindly donated the money, it is very much appreciated. All of the money will now be donated to Down Syndrome Ireland and will go towards helping young children with Down Syndrome and their families. Here are just a few snaps of the fun that was had by all who attended;


The Little Red Hen

In Junior Infants this week we have been learning to retell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. To help us with this we created a story map and we also made some puppets of the different story characters.  We can now retell the story to others using these fantastic puppets.

Today we also baked some bread to see all the work that The Little Red Hen had to do by herself in the story. We really enjoyed our baking and because we helped each other and worked together we made some delicious and healthy brown bread…Yum yum!!!

Our Healthy Brown Bread Recipe


300g Coarse Wholemeal Flour

150g Plain Flour

1tsp baking soda

1 egg

2tbsp of Freederm Fruit Syrup

A pinch of salt

350ml Buttermilk


  1. Put the wholemeal flour in a bowl and then sieve the plain flour and bread soda in on top.  2. Add a pinch of salt and the fruit syrup. 3. Beat the egg slightly in a cup. 4.  Then add it along with the buttermilk into a well in the middle of the flour mixture. 5. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a well greased baking tin. 6. Place in a preheated oven at 190 for around 35-40 minutes. 7. Allow to cool and serve with some delicious butter and summer fruit jam.


Well Done!!!

Junior Infants want to say a very big congratulations to Lauren who came 3rd in her community games race. Well done Lauren, we are very proud of you!


Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

With Summer just around the corner, not that the weather is anything to go by, we have started learning about the different types of fruit that are in season. Today we learned a little bit about rhubarb. We made a delicious apple and rhubarb crumble from scratch and it went down an absolute treat with a little scoop of ice-cream…clean plates all round!!! 🙂

Hazelwood Trip

As part of the research study the Junior Infants have been taking part in around exploitative play, we went on a trip to Hazelwood. We had a fantastic time learning about all the different trees and flowers. We met the wooden giant who had lots to treasures for us and even had a delicious bun ready for us at the end of our adventure. Junior Infants would like to say a big thank you to the IT students who kindly came along and helped us on our trip and to Trish for organising the trip for us.


Sun Safety

Today we had an assembly teaching us all about how to be safe in the sun. We learned all about the importance of wearing sun-cream and the five S’s for Sun Safety

  1. SLIP on a t-shirt
  2. SLOP on SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA sunscreen
  3. SLAP on a broad brimmed hat
  4. SLIDE on quality sunglasses
  5. SHADE from the sun whenever possible

Check out the cool new sun hats all the children in school were given. We will be keeping these in school so we can wear them in the playground and out on our trips during the summer term and then we will be able to take them home to keep during the summer holidays.



Today in Junior Infants we made our very own volcano erupt. We have been learning a lot about volcano and have learned some new vocabulary such as lava, boiling, erupt, active, dormant, extinct, ash…

To carry out our experiment we needed our volcano, some vinegar, baking powder and some red food colouring.  We mixed the vinegar and some red food colouring in a bottle so that our lava would be the same colour as real lave. Then we carefully put some baking powder into the middle of the volcano. After this we poured in the red vinegar and finally we counted down to the eruption. It was lots of fun and we will be building on this next week with some very creative art work 🙂

Exploration of Play

This year Junior Infants have taken part in a study around exploring children’s play. As part of this study we go to the IT to experiment with  and explore lots of different types of equipment and play resources. The children absolutely love going over for this time and they have gained so many different skills from it. It has been fantastic for developing their gross motor skills but it has also taught them how to play with each other, work together and use their imaginations. We hope to share a much deeper insight into the study with parents and staff when the study concludes but for now here is a sneaky peek at some of the fun activities we have been involved in…

Literacy Games for Junior Infants

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays Junior Infants have been working very hard on both their letter sounds and their sight words.

Here are some fantastic games I found online which perhaps the children could spend some time playing and learning during their computer or ipad time?


Word Blend Game – Beginning and end sounds


The Quiet Machine – A game which asks children to identify the sound at the beginning of a word


Rhyming Rockets – a game where children have to shoot the rockets which rhyme with their target word.


Mole Rhyming Game – The children have to help Mole to dig his tunnel by helping him identify the rhyming words


Reggie Rhyming – The children have to help Reggie find the rhyming words. This is also a fantastic vocabulary building game for different settings.

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