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Traffic News for February 12th

Next week, starting on Monday the 12th of February, Sligo County Council will start resurfacing Ash Lane. Ash Lane will only have one-way traffic while the road works are in progress. The traffic on Clarion Road is expected  to increase for the next 4 weeks as a result. Therefore we can expect delays in getting to and from St Edward’s NS.

Keep road safety in mind during traffic changes

Christmas Wishes from St Edward’s NS

We had our Christmas assembly today in the hall. The children who have had excellent attendance got selection boxes. Thulini won a prize for designing a beautiful school Christmas Card. The children who are learning to play the violin played Silent Night for us and then we all joined in singing!

We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas holiday. During the last few days of term the children raised €370 for Sligo Social Services, to help other people.  Thank you to all the families who donated so generously.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the 8th of January 2018. 

Happy Christmas and New Year.



Croí Fundraiser

Come along to the Showgrounds on Saturday 18th of November at 5pm for a Charity Fundraiser in memory of Paddy McLoughlin. Proceeds go to Croí. Plenty of fun activities planned for children at the event in the Showgrounds.

Saturday 18th of November

First Certificates for this year

Well done Suraiya and Laiba! These were the first two children to finish  stamp books this year. Children get stamps for making good decisions in school and on the playground. 

First Cert Awarded

Student Council

During  September each of the senior classes from 3rd to 6th elected two children to represent their views on the Student Council for this school year. The council meet once a month with Mrs Mc Gowan to make suggestions from the children’s point of view about improving our school. Every class holds classroom meetings with their teacher so that everyone’s ideas are included for discussion. The first topic for discussion this year is play time equipment.  We are all looking forward to hearing the suggestions next week from the classes.

The children elected to the council this year are:

New Student Council

Hope and Anthony from Room 3

Mia and Mikey from Room 1

Lauren and Jamie from Room 4

Nicole and Umesh from Room 11

Emily and Nigel from Room 12

It is great to have children in our school who  work together to make every day better for all of us.

Maths Fun at Lunch Time

Some of our 5th class girls had fun making triangular pyramids at lunch time today out of play mats. And they made lovely cosy tents. 

Maths Week

During maths week, 6th class went to the IT track to improve their skills of estimating distances.

They also timed themselves walking 400 metres, which is once around the track on the inside lane.

So two and half times around the track is equal to walking a kilometre.

Ms Kivlehan had told them there was a challenge coming up as part of Active Schools Week to walk a mile. So they had to figure out how to convert from km to miles.

One mile is equal to 1.6km.

So 6th class worked out that walking 4 times around the track is equal to walking one mile. Do you agree with them?

Student Council

Congratulations to the eight members of the Student Council who were selected to represent their classes for this year.  They are:

Jamie and Preya from 6th class

Brian and Magdalena from 5th class

Gary and Hannah from 4th class

Wiktoria and David from 3rd class

Throughout the year they will help to gather the opinions and ideas from their classes which will help to continue improving our school. They met for the first time on Friday the 9th. Their first task is to get suggestions for new games and equipment for break times.

St Edward's Student Council

St Edward’s Student Council

Athletics Fest at IT Sligo

Children from 4th,5th and 6th classes really enjoyed the relay races over on the IT Sligo track today. It was a lovely event organised by Sligo Sports Partnership to encourage children to take part in athletic events. Well done to the 24 children who represented St Edward’s.

Benbulben Braves In Hazelwood

The Benbulben Braves went on their trip to Hazelwood last Wednesday. It started as a mystery trip but they were quick to guess where we were going. At Hazelwood they went on an Autumn nature walk and did a quiz at the end. Who remembers what is special about the Holm oak tree?

We even learned how to skim stones on water.  Well done to all on the team. I wonder which team will win this term?

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