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Spring I Spy

1st Class have been learning lots about spring recently. We have discovered that a lot of flowers grow in this season and that many baby animals are born. Birds are also busy building nests for their young and swallows will soon return from Africa. This week, we have looked at different life cycles – the frog has been really interesting to learn about.

Here are some photos from our walk last week when we searched for signs of spring around the school and at the Clayton Hotel.


Brigid brings the spring

Last Thursday and Friday, 1st Class learned all about St. Brigid, her cloak, and the way she wove a cross. The children created lovely, colourful cloaks after hearing the story of how Brigid got land from the king so that she could build a church. Afterwards, the children got a chance to make their own St. Brigid’s crosses from rushes. Everyone was delighted to have a cross to bring home that day.

Festive fun

Excitement is building in Room 9 as we count down the number of sleeps until the BIG day. During Advent, we have coloured in a candle each week in preparation for Christmas Day. We have been learning Christmas poems and songs, making Christmas cards and decorations, and even taking part in a ‘Santa Dash’ on the I.T track!

We also had a visit from Santa himself and he really enjoyed our poems about him. Wishing all the children and their families a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. See you all in 2018!

Material Matters in 1st Class

We have had great fun exploring the properties and characteristics of materials over the past few weeks. This work all led up to our school’s annual Science Fair. Last Thursday, during the fair, we got to show off our experiments to the whole school. We also had many parents who came to see our wonderful work.

One experiment was about tracing – we found out that some materials are good for tracing (transparent) but others are not (opaque).

The other experiment was all about absorbency – we devised a fair test to discover what materials would be best to mop up a spill of water on our desks. It turned out that tissue, newspaper, sponge, and cloth were good at soaking up liquids. Tinfoil and plastic, however, were not very useful to us!





Going batty in 1st Class

Well done to everyone who came to school dressed up for Halloween today – we had a ‘spook-tacular’ day in Room 9 and even got to go to a disco in the hall. In Art, we created bats from old egg cartons.

Wishing everyone a lovely break and a safe Halloween!

All about First Class

We have had a busy few weeks so far in 1st class as we get to know all about ourselves. We have completed an eye colour pictogram, factfiles, found out why our names were chosen for us, decorated our names and, on Friday, we got to talk about our favourite things when everyone brought in a special object.

Have a look at some of what we’ve been up to in Room 9 below.

Still Life Art

Last week, the Art and Craft Club finished up for the summer break. For our last piece of work, we created still life images of fruit bowls. Very carefully, we observed and drew the fruit in front of us. We then used oil pastels to colour. As we all observed from different angles, we could all see the fruit bowl differently. That meant all our art work turned out unique. Recently, we have been learning about how good fruit and vegetables are for our bodies and minds so we now have our lovely pictures at home to remind us. We all felt like ‘Food Dudes’ when we finally framed our finished work.

GAA Blitz

3rd and 4th attended a GAA blitz on Friday 28th of April in Kent Park. This was a great opportunity to put skills being learned at school into practice. The weather was cool but dry. Lots of other schools were in Kent Park to take part as well. Here are some pictures taken on the day. It looks like a great time was had by all!

Easter Fun in Room 3

We’ve had a busy week in 3rd Class preparing for Easter. We made pastel-coloured Easter baskets on Wednesday. These all turned out differently but each one looked very pretty when lined and filled with delicious mini-eggs!

On our Easter egg hunt on Thursday, we got a big surprise. A little frog was hopping around in the grass trying to find our eggs! One of our boys moved him safely over to the grass on the I.T side. We’ve really had an ‘eggcelent’ week and now look forward to the break.

Happy Easter everyone!

Spring has sprung in Room 3

Today, many of us noticed a big change in how our hyacinth bulbs looked since before the mid-term. A lovely scent along with some brightly coloured flowers welcomed us back to school early this morning.

We are also adding to our kindness tree as we write down some of the good deeds we are doing for others or others are doing for us. It is really starting to blossom now and it definitely feels as though spring is in the air!


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