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Junior, Senior Infant and First Class School Tour

We had a fantastic day yesterday on our school tour!  We left the school at 9:30am and arrived at Atlantic Sheepdogs in Grange at 10am. There we were greeted by Farmer Martin Feeney who introduced us to his Sheepdog Joe. We watched Joe round up the sheep and Farmer Martin used a whistle to direct Joe where to bring the sheep.  We gave Joe a big cheer when he lead the Sheep through the gate.

We then  went to look at different types of sheep and the children got to hold a baby lamb. We talked about sheep and how important they are for wool and food. We learned that we would not have soap if we didn’t have sheep as we make soap from the oil in their wool.

We then hoped back on the bus to go to Five Star Fun. We had such a great time there!  We played in the play area, we had a MIni Disco, went on Go Carts and had some yummy food.

We were so busy and we had so much fun all day that some  of the children fell asleep on the way home.

St. Edward’s NS Raffle

We will be holding a raffle on Friday at the Fáilte Festival. All money raised will go towards buying the School Defibrillator.

The Tickets will be on sale in the school at the Fáilte Festival this Friday the 15th of June for adults attending the Festival to get a chance to buy tickets.

The tickets will be 50c for 1 strip and €2 for 5 strips.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors for generously donating prizes for the raffle!!

These are our sponsors:

  •  Jones oil
  • Markievicz Pharmacy
  • Healthwise pharmacy
  • Sherlock’s Butchers in Cartron
  • The 4 Lanterns
  • Supermacs
  • Mc Donalds
  • Bistro Bianconi
  • Fiddlers Creek
  • Mace on Holborn Street
  • Matt Lyons XL shop
  • Centra in Carton
  • Spar (Bundoran Road)
  • The Gourmet Parlour

STEM Award 2017/2018

Congratulations to all the Staff and Children at St. Edward’s NS!

All the hard work has paid off! St Edward’s National School has achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for the 2017/18 academic year.

The children took part in science experiments, a science fair, completed scratch coding and hour of code, made powerpoints, talked about internet safety, took part in a Maths quiz, made different houses out of recyclable material and had an Engineer come to visit in order to get the award.

This is our 14th year in a row to take part and achieve the award.  Well done again to all the staff as a lot of hard work goes into achieving this award.

Third Class come to visit the Hairdressers

In Senior Infants we are learning all about the Hairdressers during Aistear time.

Third Class were very good and came over to help the children in Senior Infants get into role as Hairdressers, Barbers, receptionists and clients.  They also help was all the dolls hair in the Water Area. The children had a great time and had loads of fun!

Thank you to Miss Lynn for bringing over her class and joining in on all the fun!

Chicks in Room 8

Both Junior and Senior Infants were very lucky on Thursday morning  to get a surprise visit from newly hatched chicks! The children got to hold, feed and pet the chicks.

The chicks had been inside an egg and in an incubator. The children got to watch a video of the chicks hatching out of the eggs.

We had the best morning and the children were so excited to see the baby chicks! We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Kivlehan for organizing Farmer Shane and the chicks to come to our school!

Update on Butterflies in Senior Infants

The Caterpillars have turned into Chrysalis and we cannot wait until they turn into Butterflies!

Chrysalis in their tent

Chrysalis up close

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been learning all about “The Life Cycle of a Butterfly”.

1. They have learned that the Butterfly lays eggs onto a milkweed plant leaf.

2. Then the caterpillar growing inside the egg eats its way out of the egg and grows bigger and bigger by eating the leaf.

3. He then sheds his skin and turns into a cocoon or chrysalis.

4. The butterfly starts to form inside the Chrysalis and after two weeks the Butterfly will burst out of the Chrysalis and spread its wings.

We were able to bring caterpillars into our classroom and we have been watching them grow.

We can’t wait to see them turn into  chrysalis!!

The caterpillars are thin and small

They have grown bigger and started to shed her skin.

We have done a a lot of artwork about butterflies. We painted one side of a butterfly and folded it over to show symmetry. We have cut out pictures of the different stages of the life cycle and glued them in the right order and we have also made pasta life cycles.

Our Butterfly Display

Pasta Butterfly Life Cycle

Engineer visit in Senior Infants

As part of Engineer’s Week 2018, Senior Infants were very lucky to get a visit from Gerry the Engineer. The children interviewed Gerry about what it was like to be an Engineer and what was his favourite thing about being an engineer.

Gerry very kindly answered all the children’s questions. They learned a lot of interesting things about the work of an engineer,  designing, making and improving his inventions.

Gerry brought his Robot Max with him to show the children and explained how Max was powered by a battery and circuits. Max’s eyes were actually two sensors and his arm was ran by a motor. The children had great fun with Max and Gerry.

The children got up and out of their seats to do the Robot dance.

The children then planned and designed their very own Robot.

Pancake Tuesday in Senior Infants

We had great fun in Senior Infants this morning!

We listened to the Story of the Runaway Pancake.

We sang the Pancake Party song.

We discussed how we make pancakes using flour, eggs and milk. Mix the ingredients all up in a bowl and pour the mixture on the frying pan. We talked about how important it was to cook them with an adult.

The children then went to the kitchen where Miss Quigley and Miss Gallagher heated up the pancakes. The children got to decorate their pancakes with Nutella, strawberries, bananas, grapes, honey, cream, lemon and/or golden syrup.

The children really enjoyed getting to decorate their pancakes!

St Brigid’s Day Cloaks and Crosses

St. Brigid’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of February and marks the beginning of Spring.

Today the children made St. Brigid’s Day Crosses.

The children learned how to make two different types of crosses. The traditional cross and the Sligo Cross.

Earlier in the week the children listened to the story of St. Brigid’s Cloak and made collages of St. Brigid and her cloak.  During Aistear the children made crosses using pipe cleaners and paper.

St. Brigid’s Cloak and Cross

If you would like to make a cross at home please click on the link below to see the video:







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