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Abbvie: Week of Opportunities

We have had fantastic news from Abbvie who have a manufacturing plant in our locality.  On the week of June 18th to 22nd, staff from Abbvie will refurbish St Edward’s NS building! The outside and inside will be painted and some floor coverings will also be renewed. Of course this will mean that we cannot be in the building that week.

The principal of Ballinode College, Mr David Mc Guinness has kindly offered us the use of rooms in the college for the duration of the refurbishment. Therefore children’s school attendance will not be affected.  We will be able to run normal classes in Ballinode College and our Code of Behaviour, uniform rules etc will apply while we are there.

We will update families on where to drop and collect the children nearer the time. As Ballinode College is so close to St Edward’s NS, we hope that it should not cause any great difficulties for families.

This is a great chance to refresh the school building and we are very thankful to Abbvie in advance for choosing St Edward’s NS for their project for Week of Opportunities 2018.


CPR and Defibrillator Training

Children from rooms 1, 11 and 12 took part in a first aid training workshop with Brian O’Hara from Innisfree Safety. We discussed fire and water safety and learned about how to contact emergency services on 999 if we ever need them.

Brian showed us a defibrillator and we learned how to use one. They are also called AEDs. We were surprised by how safe and easy they were to use. They can be used if somebody is unconscious and not breathing. You can check this by watching their chest for 10 seconds to see if it is going up and down. We also learned how to do compressions on a persons chest and on a baby’s chest to help keep the blood circulating around their body while waiting for help to arrive. 

It was really great to get the chance to practice these skills on the mannequins. The strange thing was that they were all called Anne! 



STEM Award 2017/2018

Congratulations to all the Staff and Children at St. Edward’s NS!

All the hard work has paid off! St Edward’s National School has achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for the 2017/18 academic year.

The children took part in science experiments, a science fair, completed scratch coding and hour of code, made powerpoints, talked about internet safety, took part in a Maths quiz, made different houses out of recyclable material and had an Engineer come to visit in order to get the award.

This is our 14th year in a row to take part and achieve the award.  Well done again to all the staff as a lot of hard work goes into achieving this award.

Third Class come to visit the Hairdressers

In Senior Infants we are learning all about the Hairdressers during Aistear time.

Third Class were very good and came over to help the children in Senior Infants get into role as Hairdressers, Barbers, receptionists and clients.  They also help was all the dolls hair in the Water Area. The children had a great time and had loads of fun!

Thank you to Miss Lynn for bringing over her class and joining in on all the fun!

Chicks in Room 8

Both Junior and Senior Infants were very lucky on Thursday morning  to get a surprise visit from newly hatched chicks! The children got to hold, feed and pet the chicks.

The chicks had been inside an egg and in an incubator. The children got to watch a video of the chicks hatching out of the eggs.

We had the best morning and the children were so excited to see the baby chicks! We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Kivlehan for organizing Farmer Shane and the chicks to come to our school!

Update on Butterflies in Senior Infants

The Caterpillars have turned into Chrysalis and we cannot wait until they turn into Butterflies!

Chrysalis in their tent

Chrysalis up close

Fáilte Festival 2018


This year, our annual family event will be held on Friday 15th June. Please note the change of day from Sunday to Friday. All children in the school will be able to take part. On that day we welcome parents and families into the school for a very special event from 11AM onwards when we will begin with our sponsored walk. This will be followed by our BBQ and fun activities around the school. 

On the day we will have a presentation of CPR certificates to staff and children who will have completed specialised training with Innisfree Safety. 

We will welcome back our special guest for the day,  Máire Hunt, who recently retired. 

The children are organising a number of surprise events for the day and we look to seeing you there! Watch out for more details over the coming weeks…

School Closure

A reminder that St. Edward’s N.S. will be closed this Friday May 25th as it is being used as a Polling Station for the referendum. 

Hazelwood in May

On Friday morning, May 18th, Senior Infants and 1st Class set off on a big bus to nearby Hazelwood. As we arrived, many of us were amazed by the amount of bluebells all around. We quickly got into groups and were led by Shailagh (otherwise known as Miss Squirrel). She showed us many plants and trees and explained to us why they looked the way they did. We learned lots and even got to taste some wood sorrel which looked like shamrock! It tasted bitter like lemon.

Some trees we came across included: oak, beech, hazel, ash, sycamore, yew, ivy, holly and hawthorn. We finished up with a picnic by the lake and the sun even came out for us! Back at school, Miss Squirrel put us into groups to make posters showing some trees we had discovered in Hazelwood. What a fun day it was!

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been learning all about “The Life Cycle of a Butterfly”.

1. They have learned that the Butterfly lays eggs onto a milkweed plant leaf.

2. Then the caterpillar growing inside the egg eats its way out of the egg and grows bigger and bigger by eating the leaf.

3. He then sheds his skin and turns into a cocoon or chrysalis.

4. The butterfly starts to form inside the Chrysalis and after two weeks the Butterfly will burst out of the Chrysalis and spread its wings.

We were able to bring caterpillars into our classroom and we have been watching them grow.

We can’t wait to see them turn into  chrysalis!!

The caterpillars are thin and small

They have grown bigger and started to shed her skin.

We have done a a lot of artwork about butterflies. We painted one side of a butterfly and folded it over to show symmetry. We have cut out pictures of the different stages of the life cycle and glued them in the right order and we have also made pasta life cycles.

Our Butterfly Display

Pasta Butterfly Life Cycle

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