Month: September 2017

First Certificates for this year

Well done Suraiya and Laiba! These were the first two children to finish  stamp books this year. Children get stamps for making good decisions in school and on the playground. 

First Cert Awarded

Student Council

During  September each of the senior classes from 3rd to 6th elected two children to represent their views on the Student Council for this school year. The council meet once a month with Mrs Mc Gowan to make suggestions from the children’s point of view about improving our school. Every class holds classroom meetings with their teacher so that everyone’s ideas are included for discussion. The first topic for discussion this year is play time equipment.  We are all looking forward to hearing the suggestions next week from the classes.

The children elected to the council this year are:

New Student Council

Hope and Anthony from Room 3

Mia and Mikey from Room 1

Lauren and Jamie from Room 4

Nicole and Umesh from Room 11

Emily and Nigel from Room 12

It is great to have children in our school who  work together to make every day better for all of us.

2nd Class Music Generation

In second class we have been so lucky to have Music Generation come into our class every Wednesday morning.  We are learning about ‘the beat’ and ‘the rhythm’ in different songs. We also got a chance to play some interesting musical instruments such as the mandolin, ukulele and a cavaquinho!

Second Class September 2017

Second Class have been very busy starting back this September.

We have been learning about each other and talking about some of our favourite things.

Here is our ‘All About Me’ wall chart.

We also love talking about nature and here is our Nature Table that we created by bringing different aspects of nature into our classroom.

Another New Year

Clubs in our Area.

September is an excellent time of year to join a new club or take up a new sport.

There is an excellent list of Clubs and contact details of coaches on the Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership website.  Follow the link below to find out what clubs are in our area.

Clubs & Facilities

All about First Class

We have had a busy few weeks so far in 1st class as we get to know all about ourselves. We have completed an eye colour pictogram, factfiles, found out why our names were chosen for us, decorated our names and, on Friday, we got to talk about our favourite things when everyone brought in a special object.

Have a look at some of what we’ve been up to in Room 9 below.

Active Schools Committee

Active Schools Committee


Thank you very much to our last years Active School Committee.

They helped organise and came up with lots of ideas on how we could keep fit and healthy while having fun. Including helping to organise Active School Week, suggesting our school soccer league, surveying pupils in our ‘What Club are you in?  and helping with our 500 lap a day Challenge as part of Active Schools Week.

Our new committee will be meeting Tuesday afternoons.

Active School Committee 2017

This year we are working towards getting Our Active School Flag.

Remember our slogan:

Stay Active, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!!!


We have a few treats already organised for the next few weeks including a Tug of War Pupils Teacher Challenge on Friday as part of European Week of Sport.

Also a Community Celebration next Wednesday with Youth Sport West. More details to follow.


Be Safe Be Seen

In Junior Infants we are learning  about Road Safety.

We are learning the song and the actions to the Safe Cross Code. It is very important that we follow the Safe Cross Code when we are walking to school.

We got new high visibility jackets that we can wear when we are out walking. The cars and other traffic will be able to see us better if we wear these.

If we live far from the school and come to school in a car we can ‘Park and Stride’ . This means we can come in our car and then park it just a little bit from the school and walk the rest of the way.  It is good to get some exercise and fresh air in the morning before we come to school. It helps us learn.

Be Safe Be Seen!!!

Welcome To Room 12

We all had a lovely summer in Room 12 and we have now settled back into school. We have welcomed a new pupil Aivis into our class and we hope that he enjoys school life in St. Edwards N.S. We are all looking forward to the year ahead.

Here are some self portraits. Can you put a name to each picture?


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