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Discover Science and Maths Award 2017


St. Edwards has achieved the Discover Science & Maths Award for 2017.  This is the 14th year that we have achieved the award. Congratulations to all the children and staff for all their hard work in Science and Maths this year. Well done!

Mindfulness in 4th class

Breathing Exercises

In 4th class we do breathing activities every day with Ms. Reilly. We put our feet flat on the floor, sit up straight and close our eyes or focus on one spot in the room. We put one hand on our belly and the other hand on our chest so we can feel the breaths in our body. When we are relaxed we then count our breaths for 1 minute. We have started to notice that our breathing is slower when we are calm and faster when we are excited or giddy.

We also use our glitter jars as one of our mindfulness techniques to help us to focus and calm down.

First we all shake our jars. Teacher then counts to 3 and we all stop and put our jars on the table.

We then focus on the glitter in the jar and watch until all of the bits of glitter fall to the bottom of the jar. The glitter represents all the thoughts in our minds and our minds feels calmer as the glitter settles.

Sometimes in 4th class we do relaxation lying down. We get to use cushions and blankets. We listen to teacher leading us through a relaxation journey to make us feel calm, safe and happy.


Chess Tournaments in 4th class

This year we have been learning how to play chess in 4th class. We started by learning the names of all the chess pieces and how they move.

In the 3rd term we started playing games against each other, first using the pawns and then adding in the King and Queen. We are now able to play whole class Chess Tournaments.

We love chess because we are still learning but it is fun and challenging work.

Indoor Picnic in Room 9

Movie Makers After School Club

We created this short animation in our after school club. First we had to brainstorm some characters, then we created a storyboard of the story. Next we had to draw and cut out the characters and finally we got to shoot the animation. We recorded the voiceover afterwards. We are very proud of our story!


The Sock Wizard and The Troll from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Sports Day 2017

The weather did not co-operate but we still had great fun  for Sports Day! We went to the IT and got to use their fantastic facilities. We ran on the athletics track, tried out the long jump, ran novelty races in the grass, played football on the astro turf, and played basketball and parachute games in the Knocknarea Arena! 

Classes were in mixed teams and we cant wait for assembly next week when we find out which teams got the most points for working well together!

Still Life Art

Last week, the Art and Craft Club finished up for the summer break. For our last piece of work, we created still life images of fruit bowls. Very carefully, we observed and drew the fruit in front of us. We then used oil pastels to colour. As we all observed from different angles, we could all see the fruit bowl differently. That meant all our art work turned out unique. Recently, we have been learning about how good fruit and vegetables are for our bodies and minds so we now have our lovely pictures at home to remind us. We all felt like ‘Food Dudes’ when we finally framed our finished work.

Hoppers For P.E.

We have new hoppers in school. We tried them on Sports Day and we decided to use them for PE. We had races in the sun.

Food Dudes in Senior Infants

We have been using the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme in St. Edward’s and Senior Infants have learned all about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables every day to keep healthy. We watched episodes of the adventures of the Food Dudes as they fought General Junk, Master Disaster and Miss Demeanour. We got lots of rewards for eating portions of fruit and vegetables which were delivered to our classroom every day.

For phase 2 of the programme, we got special  lunchboxes and brought in our own fruit and veg from home. We got ticks on a chart each time we brought them in as we work towards getting our certificates. 

Luke says he likes eating peppers now, so does Blake. He brings them in his new lunchbox! Lauren liked tasting the cucumber and Patrick Gerard loved the grapes especially.

Katie’s Birthday Party

On Wednesday 7th June 5th class participated in Katie’s Birthday Party in the Hawkswell Theatre.

We set off walking from school at 9:30. It was a lovely sunny morning so we stopped off in the Peace Park. We had great fun climbing the trees there.

When we arrived at the Hawkswell we were led onto the stage.  We were the guests at Katie’s Birthday Party. We helped her celebrate her birthday by playing Truth or Dare, by dancing to the Harlem Shake and by helping her eat her delicious chocolate birthday cake!

Katie had just started secondary school and told us about how she missed her best friend from primary school.

After the Hawkswell we went to the Four Lanterns where we enjoyed large plates of chips!

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