Month: March 2017

Engineers week in 4th class

During engineers week we took part in engineering challenges.

First we had to make a structure that could stand using marshmallows and raw spaghetti.

When we were able to do this we then discussed how we could make a taller structure. In groups we then had to make the tallest structure that we could.

Then we measured the structures to see which group made the tallest one.

We also did the paper bridge challenge.

We had to make the strongest bridge that we could using 2 books and a sheet of A4 paper.

We tested the strength of each bridge using coins.


Yard Games in Room 11

In room 11 we have been thinking about new games which we can play on yard. We decided to donate €1/€2 each to new yard equipment. We collected €38 and then began researching what games/equipment we could buy with this money.

We looked through the Smyths catalogue online and agreed on a selection of board games and ball games. We play these on yard once a week.

Buzz and Kinetic sand were donated to our class by two children in Room 11.

We discussed yard games at home with our parents and one parent remembered playing skittles as a child. We decided to make our own set of skittles. Teacher cut fencing posts into equal sized skittles. In class we numbered and painted each one. We record our scores on a record sheet and we have become quite competitive!

We love playing dodge ball so we also included this game in our yard rota.

We use the track twice a week – ‘Do your walking as you’re talking’.

We also bring mats out on yard. Some people make large boxes with them while others sit on them to chat or colour.

Yard has become more interesting and we look forward to it each day.


Seachtain na Gaeilge in Room 7

Bhí an craic ar súil i seomra 7 i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge, féach ar ár bpictúirí thíos! Is maith linn an scéal An Cochaillín Dearg, mar sin, rinneamar dráma beag shimplí do na Naíonáin Shóisearacha. Mhúin siad damhsa beag Gaelach dúinn. 

We had great craic in room 7 during Irish Week, just look at the photos below! We like the story of Little Red Riding Hood so we made a simple little drama for the Junior Infants. They taught us a little Irish dance!


Active School

Did you know that kids need 60 minutes of physical activity per day?


Image result for 60 minutes of physical activity per day

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Maths Fun at Lunch Time

Some of our 5th class girls had fun making triangular pyramids at lunch time today out of play mats. And they made lovely cosy tents. 

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