Month: January 2017

4th Class Athletics

4th class are enjoying doing athletics with Dermot. We have been practising the long jump and we are improving each week! 


Science in 6th Class

On Friday, 6th class conducted a science experiment using water, glasses and spoons. We measured the water in each glass and took 1/8th away each time. Then, we used a spoon to tap the glasses. We noticed that each glass made a different sound.


A Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day and on Monday 30th of January 5th class children started their school day with a healthy bowl of porridge. Operation Transformation’s Free Porridge Day took place on the previous Saturday and this encouraged us to get busy in the kitchen!

We added strawberries and cinnamon to our porridge, others added honey while some of us just added milk.

We enjoyed meeting together in the kitchen and chatting about our weekends as we tasted and ate our porridge.

We are interested in looking after our health in 5th class and plan to use porridge oats in another recipe soon. Watch this space!!!!!


6th Class Visit to Ballinode College

On Tuesday, 6th Class visited Ballinode College for their open day. We all enjoyed our day sampling some of the subjects that are on offer in the school.

We cooked pizzas in the kitchen for Home Economics.

Made key rings in the Metalwork room.

Created a card holder in the Woodwork room.

Investigated electricity in the Science lab.

Practiced our mathematical skills in the IPad room.


There is great excitement among the pupils of 6th Class as they choose which school they will attend in September.


Oil Painting In Second Class

Second Class are very proud of their oil paintings. We did the paintings before Christmas but are only bringing them home today. It was our first time doing oil paintings on canvas. We learned lots of new terms such as linseed oil, black Gesso, white spirit and pigment. We enjoyed mixing our colours on the pallette.


Our Nativity Play

Here is a little throwback to our play last month when we performed in front of the whole school and also the 3rd Class parents. We enjoyed retelling the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and the birth of baby Jesus in a stable. Well done to all of 3rd Class who put on a great show in the run-up to Christmas.

Litter-Picking in the Winter Sun





Today, the 19th of January, four of the 3rd Class pupils undertook their litter-picking duties around the school grounds. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Thursday as mild and as sunny as today was for collecting rubbish.

Every Thursday, four pupils from 3rd Class are picked to help keep our school looking tidy and clean. The girls who were out today got a bit of a surprise when they found something big and round and resembling a seed of some sort! We are still not sure what exactly it is!

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