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Christmas Assembly in St Edward’s N.S.

We held our final Advent assembly in the hall on the last day of school term. We lit our candle on the advent wreath and prayed that we would all give and receive hope, love and joy this Christmas.

Then it was time to for children who have had very good attendance to receive their selection boxes. There were a lot of children! Those children in 3rd to 6th classes who had completed 3 whole stamp books also received and extra prize. Mrs. McGowan called them the Super Seven!

Ms Hunt presented a donation to Kerrieann and baby Robyn for the premature babies support group, which they raised from their Carol singing in The Quayside. St Vincent De Paul will also be receiving a donation from the carol singers as well. We finished up with our choir leading us in some Festive songs. 

We would like to wish all the children, parents, staff and friends of St. Edward’s a happy and peaceful Christmas filled with fun. We look forward to seeing you all back on January 9th 2017!


December in Senior Infants

We have had a very busy December in Senior Infants! We completed our athletics sessions with Dermott and started yoga with Cathríona. We really love using our volcano breaths when we want to relax! We enjoyed our Christmas Aistear theme and created some lovely little plays with Christmas character puppets in our small world area. Our role play corner was transformed into Santa’s Workshop. We took phone orders, designed some toys on paper and them made them and wrapped them for sending out! We made and painted some Christmas tree decorations to hang up at home and some snowmen faces with recycled shredded paper. 

We had a special visitor in a red suit to our classroom and he gave us some yummy treats. He was very funny and he thought that Patrick G. was related to Honey G! He said that Mick, our elf, had been telling him some very good stories about our class. We were very excited when our families came to hear us sing on a stage in the hall. We sang some Christmas songs and said a Christmas poem. They clapped a lot and really liked our singing! On the last day of school, we got to wear our Christmas jumpers and hats and went to assembly in the hall. Lauren and Patrick O. got a selection box from Mrs. McGowan because they have had really good attendance this term. 

Happy Christmas from Senior Infants!





Carol Singing in the Quayside Shopping Centre

 Our school choir, from 3rd to 6th class, went carol singing in the Quayside Shopping Centre on Tuesday 20th December. Ms Hunt played the guitar, Ms. Reilly played the violin and Ms. Ferguson and Gráinne helped with the singing. Ms. Coyne and lots of parents and friends helped with the collection. Stephen from 6th class made this short movie from some of the videos and pictures he took. Well done Stephen!

They collected over €570 which they are very proud of. They will be making a donation to a  group who support families with premature babies. 

Carol Singing in the Quayside from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Christmas in Room 11


We have been busy preparing for Christmas in Room 11

  • At the beginning of December we learned a poem titled Advent. The poem taught us about the meaning of advent and about the Advent wreath.
  • We worked hard revising  for our Christmas tests – we were glad when they were over!!
  • In art we used sugar paper, chalk and pastels to create Christmas and winter scenes. We also made elf and angel Christmas tree decorations
  • Some of the class are members of the school choir and we really enjoyed carol singing in The Resource Centre, in Mowlam Nursing Home and in The Quayside Shopping Centre.
  • Miki surprised us on Wednesday with a large chocolate cake which he made before coming to school that morning. It was delicious!!!

Merry Christmas from everyone in Room 11

Yoga in Junior Infants

We are learning yoga in our class.

We are learning about different ways of breathing. Our tummy gets bigger and smaller as we breathe in and out.

We listen to the music and we move with it. We pretended we were  going on holidays and we learned how to do different moves like  the boat, the aeroplane and balance on a surfboard.

Today we stood like a Christmas tree and everyone held hands in a circle. We all had to balance. It is a lot of fun.

Making Robins In Sixth Class

Here are some pictures of our little Christmas robins. We made them with clay. They are all so different.


Second Class Construction.

We like to use our imagination to make models. These are some of our favourite samples:


img_1399 img_1400 img_1401 img_1402 img_1403 img_1404

Helping Junior Infants with their Reading and Jigsaws

Sixth class really enjoyed a recent visit to Junior Infants .

We read the children some stories and helped them with their puzzles and jigsaws .

Making Rocky Road in 6th class

As a special golden time to end the term we made some rocky road .It was delicious here is the recipe .


Making Rocky Road


  • Rich tea biscuits (10)
  • Boiled water
  • Cooking chocolate (3)
  • Marshmallows
  • 4 crunchie bars
  • Lined baking tray



1 First of all take the rich tea biscuits and smash them all up using a rolling pin.

2 Then take your bowl and put in your smashed biscuits.

3 After that take your crunchies and chop them up .then add them to the bowl as well.

4 Next put a handful of marshmallows into the bowl.

5 Straight after that you take the cooking chocolate. Break it into pieces and then melt it over boiling water.

6 Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl.

7 Then take the mixture and scoop it onto a tray and leave it to cool for 1-2 hours in the fridge.

8 Chop into slices and serve.

9 Enjoy.

The Greater Chernobyl Cause

Fiona Corcoran from the “Greater Chernobyl Cause” charity visited our school recently. She traveled all the way from Cork. She came to thank us for making a banner for a recent event, which was held in the Northside Community Centre, to raise funds for this charity. It was a local woman Mary Martin who asked us to get involved. Fiona and her co-workers do some fantastic work in orphanages in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. We watched a brilliant clip from RTE`s nationwide about the excellent work done by Fiona and her team.

Here is the link to the video     

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