Month: October 2016

All set for Halloween

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This month we have been busy learning about how important our skeletons are and what jobs they do for our bodies. We used pasta in all shapes and sizes to design some skeletons in Art. We have also painted some very spooky pictures as we prepare for Halloween!

Puzzle for Maths Week

Here is another puzzle for you to try. Don’t forget … all children who return correct answers  to Room 11 before Friday will receive stamps

Ann takes €140 out of the bank. If she has 8 notes in total and 4 different types of notes, what does she have in her wallet?

Maths Week in Room 11


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We are solving puzzles as part of our Maths Week activities.  Here is the puzzle we worked on today:

A zoo has several ostriches and several giraffes. Between them they have 30 eyes and 44 legs.

How many of each animal does the zoo have?

Children who return a correct answer to Room 11 before Friday will receive stamps.

Making Playdough

We had great fun making playdough in Junior Infants.
We used flour, salt, water and paint.
We were able to make funny faces with the playdough when were finished.

Art in Room 11

In Room 11 we have been experimenting with colour mixing. We used the three primary colours ( red, blue and yellow) to make different shades of green, orange, brown and purple. We used a small amount of white paint to lighten the colours we made. We have created three pictures each on three different themes – Autumn, Under the Sea and the Desert. IMG_1123



Settling into 3rd Class

This month in 3rd Class, we have been getting to know each other through games and Circle Time. We have even worked like scavengers to find out some unusual things about our classmates! Pictured is a piece of art work that we completed in September. It is called initial art and we think that all our initials look really cool when they’re put together like this!


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