Month: June 2016

Our new Green Flag, Reading Certs and SALF Folders in 3rd.

In May our school won our 6th Green Flag – ‘Global Citizenship Litter and Waste’. A girl from 6th and a boy from 3rd who are on the Green School Committee got chosen to go to Claremorris to collect the flag. They had a great day out.

At the end of June our class had a presentation of reading certs which we won by doing library quizzes. We have enjoyed reading books in the library this year.

We worked on SALF folders during the year in 3rd class. SALF means – Self Assessment Learning Folder. During the year we put some of our best work into the folders to show to everyone. We had fun working in groups and looking at all the folders. We have pictures here of our class showing some lovely work which we are very proud of.

Fáilte Festival 2016

Ice Cream Party in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland

Today the children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes hosted an ice cream party in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. We are delighted to reveal that we have raised 130 euro. We would like to thank all the parents and children from these classes who kindly donated the money, it is very much appreciated. All of the money will now be donated to Down Syndrome Ireland and will go towards helping young children with Down Syndrome and their families. Here are just a few snaps of the fun that was had by all who attended;


Active Week in Senior Infants

We celebrated our Active Week in St. Edward’s last week. We tried out lots of new activities throughout the week and the sun was shining which really helped! We had picnic lunches outside and plenty of outdoor play time.


On Tuesday sixth class made an excellent obstacle course for us on the yard:


On Wednesday Dermot trained us for athletics. We timed our short sprints and learned how to measure our long jump:


On Thursday Sixth were very helpful in setting up an orienteering course/treasure hunt for us. We love sixth class!


On Friday, Mrs. McGowan and sixth class set up the gymnastics equipment and we got to try the monkey bars for the first time, along with all the other fantastic equipment:


What a week!


Coming Soon! St. Edward’s Fáilte Festival!

Corey and Saoirse made this short “ad” for our Fáilte Festival this weekend during our after school Movie Makers Club. Well done Corey and Saoirse!

Fáilte Festival June 12th 2016 from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

The Little Red Hen

In Junior Infants this week we have been learning to retell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. To help us with this we created a story map and we also made some puppets of the different story characters.  We can now retell the story to others using these fantastic puppets.

Today we also baked some bread to see all the work that The Little Red Hen had to do by herself in the story. We really enjoyed our baking and because we helped each other and worked together we made some delicious and healthy brown bread…Yum yum!!!

Our Healthy Brown Bread Recipe


300g Coarse Wholemeal Flour

150g Plain Flour

1tsp baking soda

1 egg

2tbsp of Freederm Fruit Syrup

A pinch of salt

350ml Buttermilk


  1. Put the wholemeal flour in a bowl and then sieve the plain flour and bread soda in on top.  2. Add a pinch of salt and the fruit syrup. 3. Beat the egg slightly in a cup. 4.  Then add it along with the buttermilk into a well in the middle of the flour mixture. 5. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a well greased baking tin. 6. Place in a preheated oven at 190 for around 35-40 minutes. 7. Allow to cool and serve with some delicious butter and summer fruit jam.


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