Month: April 2016

Making Magnetic Cars with Matchboxes and Magnets

Design and Make: Make a car with a matchbox and a magnet
Our Procedure to make a magnet car and move it with a larger magnet
Matchbox, 2 cocktail sticks, a straw, sellotape, a magnet small enough to fit in the box and a bigger one to push or pull the car, cardboard, coins for making circles, ruler for measuring and blue tack for covering the sharp points of the cocktail sticks.
1. First we estimated the width of the matchbox.
2. Then we got the ruler and measured the width. It was 3 ½ cm.
3. We measured 3 ½ cm on the straw and cut it.
4. We checked and it fitted exactly on the matchbox.
5. We used sellotape to attach the straw to the matchbox and then did this a second time.
6. We put 1 cocktail stick through each straw to make an axle that can go around.
7. We had to think about why we needed to put the cocktail stick inside a straw.
8. We know it is so that the cocktail stick will go around like an axle.
9. Next we drew around the €1 coin and cut it out.
10. Then we drew a line through the middle. We found out that this was called the diameter.
11. We drew another line through the middle and where they met was the centre point.
12. The teacher made a hole with a needle at that point for the cocktail stick. We did this 3 more times to make the rest of the wheels.
13. We attached the wheels to the cocktail sticks and covered the sharp points with blue-tack.
14. Last of all we put a small magnet in the car.
15. Now the car is ready and we can decorate it or add a cover to it.
16. We used a big magnet to make the car move. We can use the opposite poles to pull the car or we can push the car if we put like poles together.
We had great fun testing our cars and trying to race them!

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

With Summer just around the corner, not that the weather is anything to go by, we have started learning about the different types of fruit that are in season. Today we learned a little bit about rhubarb. We made a delicious apple and rhubarb crumble from scratch and it went down an absolute treat with a little scoop of ice-cream…clean plates all round!!! 🙂

Making Traffic Lights

In 4th class we learned about electricity. We made a circuit and made a bulb light using batteries, wires and a bulb. We then decided to make traffic lights using our circuits.

We made the traffic lights using a tissue box, black sugar paper and cellophane paper.

We were very excited when they worked!

Gaelic Football Blitz in Kent Park

On Wednesday the 27th of April 3rd and 4th class went to a Gaelic football blitz in Kent Park.

There were four other schools at the blitz. When we arrived we were put into different teams with children from other schools.

We played matches against each other. We were able to practice the skills we had been learning with the Gaelic football coaches who came into our school.

We met new people, had good fun and really enjoyed the day!

Hazelwood Trip

As part of the research study the Junior Infants have been taking part in around exploitative play, we went on a trip to Hazelwood. We had a fantastic time learning about all the different trees and flowers. We met the wooden giant who had lots to treasures for us and even had a delicious bun ready for us at the end of our adventure. Junior Infants would like to say a big thank you to the IT students who kindly came along and helped us on our trip and to Trish for organising the trip for us.


Sun Safety

Today we had an assembly teaching us all about how to be safe in the sun. We learned all about the importance of wearing sun-cream and the five S’s for Sun Safety

  1. SLIP on a t-shirt
  2. SLOP on SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA sunscreen
  3. SLAP on a broad brimmed hat
  4. SLIDE on quality sunglasses
  5. SHADE from the sun whenever possible

Check out the cool new sun hats all the children in school were given. We will be keeping these in school so we can wear them in the playground and out on our trips during the summer term and then we will be able to take them home to keep during the summer holidays.


Road Safety

Louise from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) came to visit us recently. She talked to us about how to keep safe while out walking, crossing the road, and travelling by bus or by car. We learned that children under 12 should not cross the road by themselves and that if you are less than 1.5 m tall (4ft 11″) you must have a booster seat. But the most important thing is to BELT UP! We heard a story about a boy called Simon who was walking with his mother on the path and we learned a song about road safety. We also saw a video about Buster and we sang the Safe Cross Code.

Here is the link to the Safe Cross Code.

At the end we had a competition to see what we could remember. We got prizes of reflective arm bands! Thanks Louise!


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