Month: February 2016

The Dentist Visits Senior Infants

We invited our local dentist Brona to visit our classroom recently as we are learning all about teeth and how to care for them. She said the number 2 is very important because we have to brush twice a day and we learned about 2 drinks which are good for our teeth. Can you guess what they are?

She had a look at our science experiment where we left 3 eggs in water, vinegar and coke for a week. The shell of an eggs protects the soft inside, just like our teeth. She was amazed at the results. Then she sat in our dentists chair in our play corner where we have set up our own dentists surgery. Afterwards, she showed us the correct way to brush our teeth. Markievicz Pharmacy kindly gave each of us a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste so that we could practice in class each morning.

Thank you Brona for coming to visit us. We really learned a lot and hope that you enjoyed visiting our classroom.!

After School Club Project

Movie Makers Club Project from St. Edward's NS on Vimeo.

Pancake Tuesday in Senior Infants

Celebrating Grandparents Day 1st Class

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Grandparents Day

Wednesday 3rd of February was Grandparents Day. Second Class invited their Grandparents to visit the school. We sang the Grandparents song for them.

We asked them questions about what school was like when they were young. They had some very interesting stories to tell us. Then we showed them around our school and we spoke about what had changed.

We loved having Grandparents visit us and we took lots of photographs. We’d like to share some of these with you.

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St. Brigid’s Day in 5th Class

The children in 5th class enjoyed the task of constructing St. Brigid’s Day crosses to celebrate the feast day on the first of February.

Have a look at how we got on!


St.Brigid’s day in Room 12

To celebrate St.Brigids Day today ,the first of February , we made crosses .

There was some great team work going on and we all managed to complete one !IMG_0176 IMG_0181 IMG_0178


1916 buildings art project

In 6th class we like to do our bit for the environment .

We recycled old milk cartons and cardboard boxes and made some buildings to represent those which stood in Dublin’s city centre during 1916 .

Here are some photographs of our hard work .


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