Month: September 2015

Making Biscuits

Senior Infants baked some biscuits last week for their parents to eat!

We learned the names of the ingredients we needed and then we helped to pour, mix, whisk, kneed (teacher did this part!) cut and bake our biscuit mixture. Our parents came in the next morning and had some biscuits with a cup of coffee while they talked to teacher and Ms Hunt about our plans for this term in school.

And eating!!!

And eating!!!

Athletics Fest at IT Sligo

Children from 4th,5th and 6th classes really enjoyed the relay races over on the IT Sligo track today. It was a lovely event organised by Sligo Sports Partnership to encourage children to take part in athletic events. Well done to the 24 children who represented St Edward’s.

Fun with tangrams

Second class had great fun experimenting with tangrams. They made lots of wonderful shapes and here are some examples below.

Station teaching Second Class

Here are some pictures of Second Class working in their various groups for station teaching. There was a silent reading station, an oral language station and a writing station. The children enjoyed the variety of activities at each station.








Benbulben Braves In Hazelwood

The Benbulben Braves went on their trip to Hazelwood last Wednesday. It started as a mystery trip but they were quick to guess where we were going. At Hazelwood they went on an Autumn nature walk and did a quiz at the end. Who remembers what is special about the Holm oak tree?

We even learned how to skim stones on water.  Well done to all on the team. I wonder which team will win this term?

Exploring 2D Shapes

Our Junior Infants have settled in really well in their new school and are now hard at work on their different maths topics.

This week we are exploring 2D shapes. We are learning to recognise and name a circle, a triangle, a square and a rectangle.

Today we made some fantastic pictures with our partner using these 2D shapes. Check out our 2D picture creations… I think you’ll agree we are a very creative bunch 🙂


A New Year in Senior Infants

We have been busy settling into Senior Infants in room 7. We especially love activity time each morning and maths activities. We really have been busy bees!!

Maths Time Activities

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