Month: May 2015

Making Pizza

Today Junior Infants made some delicious pizzas. We used lots of different ingredients to make the pizzas. We had lots of fun making them and we had even more fun eating them. They were delicious…empty plates all round 🙂

Sport For Life


Well done to all the children in 3rd class who took part in the 12 week long programme called ‘Sport for Life’. The Sport for LIFE programme aims to increase participation and knowledge among 8-9 year old children. A big thank you to Sligo IT student Gary Costello who gave the course every week.

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Here are 6 top tips to help live a healthy lifestyle

  • A beautiful breakfast every day helps boost your body all the way.
  • A balanced plate with me sized portions makes you feel great.
  • Water: one glass won’t last but five or six is the perfect mix.
  • Be physically active for 60 minutes every day, remember, you can run, jump, skip and play.
  • Do activities that get your heart pumping like skipping, dancing, running and jumping.
  • Exercising makes your muscles grow stronger and this will allow you to be active for longer.

3D Shapes

In Junior Infants we have been exploring 3D shapes for the first time. We borrowed some lovely shapes from Senior Infants and with our partners we built some very interesting structures. We talked a lot about the different shapes we were using to build and we have learned the shape names cube, cuboid, cylinder and sphere. Next week we will get to make the shapes ourselves and we will share some more pictures. Enjoy 🙂

Busy Bees in First Class

First class have been working hard with their student teacher Miss Melvin.

Summer Butterflies

We are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly in Senior Infants. We made some butterflies to hang on the courtyard windows. The light shines through the different colours on their wings.

If you want to find out more about butterflies, use a QR reader on your smartphone or tablet on the QR codes which are in the display. This will bring you to some recordings that the senior infants have made, and also to some interesting websites about butterflies.

A QR code looks like this:

Gary Mikey

You can download a QR reader for free from the app store or Google Play. We like to use the i-nigma app for reading QR codes on our iPad. It looks like this:

File 13-05-2015 23 12 59


Active Schools Week in Senior Infants

Place Project in first class


First class were involved in the Place Project this year. They took a camera home and took a photo of something that was important to them. Then they spoke about their photo. Have a look at our PowerPoint to see some of these photos.

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