Month: April 2015

Play Time in Senior Infants

We are having a lot of fun learning through play this week in room 7. We are working as scientists to find out what materials soak up water in the wet area. We have a supermarket in our role play corner. In the construction area, we are using blocks to make patterns and buildings. We love using our new Build A Picture kit to make pictures using coloured bricks.

Shannon said she likes building a picture with the bricks because she likes building.

Basia loves playing with water. She likes it when her hands get wet!

Anthony loves to buy things in the supermarket. He is using the coins to pay for things.

Mikey likes being the shopkeeper and taking turns.

Busy Bees

First and Second Class were busy this month tidying our courtyards and painting the windows.


Seachtain na Gaeilge in St. Edward’s. N. S.


Ta biseach orm. Ta me ag dul ar scoil!

Ta biseach orm. Ta me ag dul ar scoil!

In St. Edward’s N.S. we had a fun assembly for Seachtain na Gaeilge. Every class did something different. In 4th class we put on a play called Buachaill Tinn. We also recited a poem called Buachaill Tinn. We had great fun dressing up and seeing all the fun things that each class did.


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