Month: March 2015

Beetroot Burgers

The children in 5th class made beetroot burgers in March. Everybody in 5th class helped out making the burgers. The burgers were deceptively tasty and most of the children in 5th class tried them as part of our healthy eating programme in the school. The burger patties were made from the following healthy but delicious ingredients
Grated Raw Beetroot 200g
Grated Feta cheese 100g
Chopped Walnuts 100g
Finely chopped Red Onions 50g
Porridge oats 100g

Lauren and Kaitlin

A problem solved!

We had a bit of a dirty problem in Senior Infants! We are making a Supermarket in our classroom and have lots of brown (bronze) and gold coins to use in our wallets, handbags and in our cash register. They have been used a lot over the last few years and were very dirty. We had to keep washing our hands. Teacher saw a picture in a book of a person cleaning coins with Coca Cola.We wondered if it would be better to wash them with water or a bottle of coke, so we decided to do a science experiment to find out. We had to think about what scientists do. I asked the class “What do we do when we work as scientists?”. This is what Basia said:

We recorded our question and our predictions on the Whiteboard:


We worked together to clean some of them using water, and some of them using coke.


And the result?

All the coins looked cleaner, but the ones washed in coca cola looked shinier.

Big Travel Challenge

During the month of February St Edwards N.S took part in the green schools BIG TRAVEL CHALLENGE. Now that the weather is improving the green school committee will be encouraging children and their parents to walk or cycle to school. Maybe we can drive some of the way to school and walk the rest of the way (park and stride). This is good for the environment and also good exercise for our bodies.



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