Month: January 2015

Grandparents Day

On the 28th of January 6th class brought the grandparents into our school for Grandparents Day. They all came in and they got tea and coffee with cake and biscuits. After that we showed the grandparents the interactive whiteboard. Katelyn brought up the song Blue Suede Shoes and we all sang along. Next we asked them questions on their school days. After that we showed them the P.E hall, computer library and all the class rooms. Then we went home.

By: Nathan

On Wednesday the 28th of January it was Grandparent’s day. Most of the grandparent came and got tea or coffee, biscuits and cake.

My nanny brought in a biscuit cake in to school. After they sat down Kacey showed them how to work the white board. Jayne put the game Countdown. Next Katelyn showed them how to use the internet and she  put on Elvis Presley. After all that we asked them what their school days were like. Then we brought them on a tour of our school.

By Chelsea

On Wednesday, the 28th of January we invited all the grandparents into the school for tea, coffee and a cake. We gave them a tour of our school and we also showed them how we use our interactive whiteboard. We asked them some questions about when they went to school. We made cards and wrote poems to give to them. It was a very enjoyable time and the talk about school when they were young was very interesting. I think the grandparents really enjoyed it.

By Megan

Fun in the snow

Second Class enjoyed the first snow of this winter

Snow Day

We had lots of fun out in the snow today in Junior Infants. We made a lovely little snowman called Edward. Our hands got very cold out in the snow but we had a nice hot chocolate to warm us up when we came back inside. We were very sad this afternoon to see that the rain has returned and that the snow is melting away 🙁

Junior Achievement Ireland

Junior Achievement Ireland has been working with St. Edwards National School, Sligo for over 10 years.
Junior Achievement Ireland encourages young people to remain in education and helps them develop the skills they need to succeed in a changing world. Junior Achievement is part of a worldwide organisation reaching out to 9.3 million young people each year. It was established in Ireland in 1995 and since then has built up a strong demand from schools throughout the country and created successful partnerships with over 180 leading organisations.
JA programmes help to create a culture of enterprise within the education system. We also help young people prepare for the world of work, giving them skills in communications and preparing for interviews. Financial literacy programmes enable students to explore how to manage, protect and make the most of future salaries. As we move towards a knowledge-based economy, JA also brings science and maths skills to thousands of young students nationwide as our business volunteers work to deliver exciting programmes and events.

Patricia Friel

JA Development Officer

Have a look at the report from Senior Infants on their work with Josie, who is a Junior Achievement volunteer.

Division in 3rd Class

This week we are learning about division in 3rd class. We are having great fun sharing  and dividing sweets into groups.



Lunchtime Club

Here are the links to the Studyladder website we will be using in the Lunchtime Club for the next 4 weeks for those who have signed up. Select your class link below and then find your avatar. Have fun!

3rd Class logins

4th Class logins


Ms Grimes

Junior Infant’s Maths Homework

Dear Parents/Guardians

As promised, here are some of the links for maths games which the children can play at home. I hope they enjoy them. I will continue to add more as we explore more topics. (easy – hard levels) (easy-hard levels) (easy)   (hard)


Good Luck!!!

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