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Christmas Jumpers in 2nd Class.

Trip to St Angela’s College


On Wednesday the 26th of November 6th class went to St.Angela’s College for a communication skills workshop and a home economics cookery class. Firstly the whole class went into a big study hall and got split up into half. One half stayed behind to do good and bad communication skills while the other half went to the kitchens to do cooking. In the communication skills workshop we looked at pictures and decided if the communication skills were positive or negative. We looked at how people in the photographs were communicating e.g. Texting, shouting, singing. Later we went to the kitchens to help students with their cooking. The students I was appointed to were cooking lasagne and meringues. After I helped them I had a slice of lasagne and a meringue with cream and chopped fruits. It was very good. Afterwards we went into the canteen and took goodie bags for everyone in the class. We had no time to eat and drink the scones, butter, jam and orange Capri suns in the canteen because it was a half day and we were going to be late for home.

The bus came and we got back to school a little bit late but I didn’t mind because we had a great day and I had lots of time to eat my scones at home.

By Wiktoria

2nd Class Get Crafty

Second Class got Crafty. They designed and made their own village.

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Christmas Time in 2nd Class

This is our classroom all decorated for Christmas.

2nd Class are very proud of their Christmas cards and Christmas art work.

Happy Christmas t o all and a Happy New Year!


Kadinsky Art


On December the 16th Google had this painting on their search engine.

It is painted by Kadinsky, a Russian Artist.

Kadinsky, from Moscow, is known as the father of Abstract Art.

Abstract Art is not like a Photograph. Different People looking at it can see different things in the picture.

A lot of the children recognised Kadinsky’s work as they painted their own Kadinsky style pictures.


A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing


On the 2nd of December 6th class went to the Hawkswell to see a play. The play was called A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing. It was a group of people with instruments. One man had drums and a big xylophone.

Someone else played the piano. Another played the clarinet and the singer Mathieu played a big cello.

They made songs about tangled Christmas lights and Christmas crackers. Altogether we had a great time.

By Aidan Havey

Hour of code

On Tuesday the 9th of December 6th class went to the library to do the hour of code on the computers. We played two games: “Angry Birds” and “Frozen”. We played “Angry Birds” first.

 When you went into the game there was one box with the bird and green pig.

There was another bigger white box beside the first one. The aim of the game was to get the bird to catch the pig. To make the bird move you had to drag blocks from a column with things like “move forward” or “turn right” written on them.

In the white box was a block saying “when run” written on it?  If your code was “when run, move forward, move forward”, the bird would move two spaces. After we completed the game we printed out a cert. It was a lot of fun.

 By Hanna

Christmas Cookies 6th Class

Ingredients: 300g (10oz) flour

   150g (5oz) sugar
250g (8oz) butter

   1 egg yolk

    2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

    1 bag of chocolate chips


(1)  Set the oven to 180 degrees

(2) Beat the butter and sugar together

(3) Add the egg and vanilla essence and mix

(4) Add flour and mix

(5) Put the chocolate chips and mix

(6) Dust the table with flour

(7) Gently roll out the cookies dough with a rolling pin

(8) Use the cookie cutters or a small glass to cut out cookies

(9) Place the cookies on a greased tray

(10) Then bake in the oven for 15 minutes


Substitute the chocolate chips with mini smarties!!!


                Chelsea Loftus





Coding Club

Gillian came in to to help us to code on the computers. All the children loved it. Here are some of the pictures, click on them to have a closer look.



Coding is used to make games and to help machines to work. I used coding to have fun and make a shark game and make my own pacman game.


4th class


Christmas Puzzle

With no school during the holidays keep your brain working by trying to find the answer to our Christmas puzzle. It was inspired by our Christmas art work in Junior Infants. Good Luck!!!


The Snowmen and Snowwomen are comparing their heights. Frosty, Snow White, Jack Frost and Snow Flake are lining up in order from shortest to tallest. Frosty is not the tallest or the shortest. Snow White is taller than Jack Frost and Snow Flake. Jack Frost is shorter than Frosty. Jack Frost is not the shortest. In what order are they standing?

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