Month: November 2014

Clay figures by 6th Class


For art this week we made clay figures.


Here is how we made them:


We rolled out the clay so it was nice and flat. After that we took our bottles and wrapped the clay around them.

We used the off cuts for the features. We made two eyes, a nose

and a mouth. Next we added other features such as hair, hats, glasses and bows. It is important to secure the features by moulding them with water. Otherwise they will fall off when dry. We left them to dry and then we painted them.

Here are some of our finished products.

Áistear – Learning Through Play

This month we introduced some new Áistear activities to the classroom. We have really enjoyed playing together with them and we hope to introduce even more next month so stay tuned…

5th Class Swimming Lessons


5th class are now having swimming lessons in the Clarion Hotel.

Each child has their own coach from Sligo I.T.

We are really enjoying it!

Picture 001

Making Pizza in 5th class

Making Pizza

-Base (Wraps)
-Tomato (pasta sauce)
-Grated cheese
-Choice of Toppings (pepperoni, chicken, ham)

1. First of all, wash your hands and preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
2. Next get your base and spread tomato paste sauce and cheese on top of the base.
3. Then add your choice of topping on the pizza.
4. Bake your pizza in the oven for about 10 minutes.
5. Enjoy


Science Display

On Wednesday 12th of November the children in St. Edwards held a science display in the school hall.

Parents and family members were invited to see some of the science activities children from Junior Infants to 6th class have been doing since September.

There were rocket balloon races, dancing raisins,  squeezey bottles, magnet games and sound experiments using hangers. Also there was a demonstration of how simple machines and simple circuits work and a floating and sinking experiment.

There was a great buzz in the school hall for the afternoon as families enjoyed trying out the different experiments.

A fun afternoon was enjoyed by all with some parents becoming quite competitive!

Abbott Family Science Fair

On Monday evening 10th of November our local Abbott here in Ballytivnan hosted a family science fair in our school.

Volunteers from Abbott provided opportunities for children and their families to carry out different experiments.

They had great fun trying all the different activities. It was a great evening that everyone enjoyed!


Procedural writing

We wrote about to make a cup of tea. First we listed all the things you would need.

Next we listed the steps in order. Then we tried it out to see if it would work.

It was delicious.



Learning to sort

This week in Junior Infants we have been learning to sort objects according to one criteria. Today we sorted objects according to their colour. Take a look…

The Science of Cooking

We made a movie in our after school club about the science of cooking.

First we did some research and we looked for locations. We learned about mid shots, wide shots and close ups.

The we drew storyboards and decided what shots we would use, as well as writing a script.

After that we shot our movie, clip by clip, using an iPad.

We had a great time making this movie. It was hard work and we had to work quickly. We were a little nervous watching ourselves in the finished movie. We entered it in a competition and they said it was very good, but we weren’t the winners. We hope you enjoy it!

James and Callum,

Movie Makers Club

The Science of Cooking from St. Edward’s NS on Vimeo.

Junior – 2nd Class Enjoying Halloween Assembly


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